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TTC straight after miscarriage

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Sweetheartxo Mon 18-May-15 17:27:03

Okay, so... I'm new here(well, was constantly on here when I was pregnant) I'm a little shy and was just looking for reassurance.

Sooo, my story... I'm 23 yrs young and found out I was pregnant around 7ish weeks ago. At the beginning, I was rushed into hospital with a suspected ectopic which wasnt actually an ectopic but they scanned me and said the baby wasnt there and that if I got my dates right that it just wasnt going to happen. They booked me in 2 weeks later for another scan where they dated me at 7 weeks 2 days and told me that baby had a very strong heartbeat. Everything went on as normal and I had all the symptoms etc and since I saw the heartbeat, I never feared an MC until I started spotting at 9+5 days. I was looking everything up and all seemed normal, it was a light brown discharge(TMI). It started turning darker and more pinky over the next few days and I lost my craving for Coca-Cola, couldnt eat as much and my boobs stopped hurting. I tried to stay positive but in the back of my mind I knew something was up.

I went to see my doc and he told me not to worry. I didnt trust him so I took myself to A&E where they saw to me right away and sent me to the EPU. This was at exactly 10 weeks pregnant. Sadly, my baby lost their little heartbeat at 7+4 weeks which devastated me as I'd carried and got so excited with each day and every queasy feeling. I've been through a lot in life but nothing has upset me as much as this, I dont know what to do with myself, i'm beyond lost. All I know is I want me a little rainbow child, not to replace the lost bubba though.

Has anybody else got pregnant straight after? I was speaking to my Mum about it and she was saying how extremely fertile I would be after the MC and to ignore docs if they tell me to wait as that just serves them. Am I just being stupid? I would love to hear any stories anybody has.

I'm sorry if something similar has already been posted, I couldn't find anything... I'm also extremely sorry for the essay!!


willitbe Tue 19-May-15 09:42:41

So sorry for your loss. I do have a story of getting pregnant and having a baby straight after miscarriage for you.

I got pregnant straight after my first miscarriage, no period in between. There is no physical reason to wait. The only reasons are psychological, and to make the dating of the pregnancy easier for the doctors.

I would say that I did find it tough in that all through the pregnancy, they ask what was the date of your LMP (last menstrual period), for me that was the date of the miscarriage, which I found emotionally hard.

I also found the first weeks hard as I kept convincing myself that I was going to lose this baby too. If I had left it a bit longer it might have been a little easier.

Having said that, my baby was born safe and sound, with no issues.

Also you will probably ovulate later than usual in your cycle immediately after a miscarriage, so your first scan may show as being a little behind the offical "LMP" dates, and this can be a bit difficult too, as staff then start talking about it being a bit on the small side and ...... well not positive generally, at a time when you want everyone to be positive and encouraging.

If you are able and ok with everything, then go for it, if emotionally you need a bit more time then wait, it is your body, your decision.

I hope you get your baby soon.

artylady14 Tue 19-May-15 16:58:52

If you are psychologically ok and ready to move on, it might be a good idea. I had a very early miscarriage (5th week) and regret not trying immediately after as I could tell I was extremeley fertile by the huge amounts of fertile ewcm I had, which I dont normally have. Good luck either way!

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