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Cycle length

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katiebrusby Sun 17-May-15 09:25:12

Hi, the app on my phone says i should have ovulated yesterday, but an ovulation kit said that i wasnt ovulating when i did it on friday.

Ive always had irregular periods, and its only being on the pill that has regulated them, on the pill i always start on the first friday of the month and bleed for 4 days but without taking the pill i honestly have no idea theres no routine to my periods at all and its really bugging me that i cant figure out when im ovulating! the last few days iv had a bit of an ache in my right ovary area so im wondering if that means maybe im due to ovulate around now?

katiebrusby Sun 17-May-15 11:27:55

Going on when my last period was this would be cd16 and this morning when iv been to the loo iv had a little brownish coloured discharge :-/

mrsmugoo Sun 17-May-15 11:50:09

Ignore the apps, they just use a sweeping average. I know this because I have a DS accidentally conceived thinking it would be ok to have sex on cd16 with no condom because my app told me I ovulated on day 12 (best happy accident ever btw)

Anyway fast forward 2 years and now TTC for number 2 and used opks for the first time and it turns out I ovulate on day 18.

katiebrusby Sun 17-May-15 12:49:53

Ive done another ovulation test and its still saying negative so i kinda get the feeling ive maybe already ovulated. in which case i have no idea what this icky brown stuff is?!

Grantaire Sun 17-May-15 12:59:12

It's possible to ovulate in the morning and then do an OPK in the evening and it be negative. You can completely miss ovulation. You can also get a positive OPK because it's detected a surge and then not ovulate at all.

If you have irregular periods and spotting, I wouldn't be messing about with OPKs, I'd go and see a GP and find out if you are in fact ovulating and what's happening with your cycle.

mrsmugoo Sun 17-May-15 14:51:41

By the way, opks only detect LH surge they can't actually confirm ovulation. The only way of doing that without going to a doctor is by taking your temperature with a bbt thermometer. If you have an irregular cycle this could be better for you than opks as its something you do every day rather than guessing when you think you're oving

katiebrusby Sun 17-May-15 19:52:29

Definitely not ovulating, AF has made an appearance this evening or at least some type of bleeding anyways even though if i was taking my pill i wouldnt be due period for another 2 weeks. Guess iv not been lucky this month then! :-(

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