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When's the best time to get pregnant? Use our interactive ovulation calculator to work out when you're most fertile and most likely to conceive. clearblue ever wrong if testing too early?!

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Missushb Fri 15-May-15 08:35:32

Tested this morning, two days early, bfn. Ttc dc2, and on cycle 13. Hoping I've just tested too early, but according to the instructions its 97% accurate hmm

AoifeBell Fri 15-May-15 08:42:59

Yes. Notoriously so! Get an own brand cheapie from superdrug much more sensitive.

Missushb Fri 15-May-15 08:47:13

It was a digital one. Hopefully too early?!

Imnotaslimjim Fri 15-May-15 08:59:10

Clearblue are well known for not being very sensitive. Apparently Superdrug and the pound shop ones are more sensitive. I'd try adn wait til you were actually late though if you can

Missushb Fri 15-May-15 09:15:56

Pound shop ones? And clearblue were £14 for two, crazy eh? I will try and hold off. Testing early is just never a good idea! Gets your hopes up then you think aw it's probably too early, which it is! Thanks.

LumpyCustard69 Fri 15-May-15 09:45:39

ClearBlue are the worst tests I've ever used!!
First Response are the best I've used.
Ebay cheapies I've always found good.

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