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Superdrug hpt question

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Bubblensqueak123 Thu 14-May-15 19:39:27


Since 9dpo I have been getting thin pink lines in the test window within the alloted test results time. Regardless of what time of day I do it it's the same. Now on 11dpo...

Was hoping line would be thicker by now to look like control line. Just worried it might end up a chemical pregnancy.

Has anyone else had these repeated thin lines and what was the outcome please?

Please no lectures on the traumas of testing early, as I know!! I can't help myself though smile

Purpledaisy3 Fri 15-May-15 13:11:08

I had a thin lines for a week or two, until i was about 7-8 weeks. DD is now 9 months old smile difficult to say though, can you do a clearblue one?

Bubblensqueak123 Sat 16-May-15 08:28:34

Aw thanks for your reply! That's great to know! Keeping an open mind but nice to hear a success story. Yesterday I got a faint positive on a "from the day of your period" test from poundworld. Have bought a clear blue digi but trying to hold off testing. X

Bubblensqueak123 Sat 16-May-15 08:29:41

... Trouble is not sure if I'm due tomorrow or Tues so waiting to do digi then in case I get a positive on one but it goes away!

Purpledaisy3 Sat 16-May-15 16:39:59

Hope it goes okay, good luck! x

Bubblensqueak123 Sat 16-May-15 17:57:31

Thanks so much, really appreciate you taking time to reply! X

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