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Heavy and painful periods

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Youngoldmum Wed 13-May-15 12:09:33

Hi all. I'm 37 and TTC #2 after a 7 year gap. First baby was conceived in first month, into cycle 5 this time and no joy yet. I know I can refer for fertility tests after 6 months and will do, just wondering about others experiences with TTC and heavy/painful periods??
I was on the pill for 10 years before first baby so don't really know when this started but I now have horribly heavy and painful periods, is it always a sign of fertility problems?

Thanks in advance

EldonAve Thu 14-May-15 06:56:35

It doesn't mean fertility problems but it's not much fun for you
Ask your GP for a gynae referral - they can check if there is a reason they are heavy etc

Youngoldmum Thu 14-May-15 10:35:49

Thanks xx

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