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Faint positive followed by negative

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curvymumma Tue 12-May-15 05:47:53

Hi All..
I tested myself on Sunday (Mother's Day hehe) and got a very very faint positive line. I did another test today (two days later ) using a Clear Blue test and received a not pregnant result. I still feel that I am pregnant and have read that CB may not show as soon as a cheaper test would. Any advice?
I will be testing again next week and going to see my GP after that If my period hasn't come.

princessvikki Tue 12-May-15 18:35:59

It's not possible to get a false positive, no matter how faint if there was a line your pregnant. You can however get a false negative grin

sizethree Tue 12-May-15 18:57:35

You're right that clear blue digital tests are not as sensitive as other non digital tests. This levels of HCG need to be higher for them to register, so wait a few days and retest and you'll get a stronger result on the non digital. But as the other poster said, there's no such thing as a false positive. So congratulations!

curvymumma Wed 13-May-15 00:35:24

I so hope you're right. I've done another cheap test and it said negative. I'm literally clinging to my faint positive at the moment, hoping that it is real and that it's not a dud test just playing with my mind. The line is there. It must be positive. Waiting sucks!!

Oysterbabe Wed 13-May-15 00:49:46

When is your period due?

curvymumma Wed 13-May-15 01:27:24

Not until this upcoming Friday. I know, I'm too eager. Can you blame me though haha. Will keep you posted on the progress over the next week or so.

Number3cometome Wed 13-May-15 09:42:03

Unfortunately it is possible to get a false positive result, especially on some of the cheaper tests - it's not that the positive itself is false, it is because the test is faulty or flooded (which can easily happen with dipstick tests)

I have seen it a thousand times on here, and experienced it twice myself with pound shop tests (especially those that look like first response tests)

curvymumma Thu 14-May-15 03:37:16

Ok so tomorrow I am due for my period..
yesterday and today I got a very faint line from two separate tests.

curvymumma Thu 14-May-15 05:39:09

Surely 3 very faint positives can't be incorrect.... why am I crying so much. I feel like an emotional roller coaster is tearing me apart... sorry all. I don't want to chat to anyone I know about all this until I'm certain of things. I have my partner but he doesn't quite get it.

confusedandemployed Thu 14-May-15 05:43:58

More positives is good's still very early and it still could be a chemical pregnancy. However as I say - more positives is good. Keep testing, the line will get darker if it's not a chemical.

princessvikki Thu 14-May-15 11:25:49

a line is a line, I took 5 tests and got 5 strong positives with my 1st dd and I was only 2 weeks , then I only managed to get 1 very very faint line with my current pregnancy and I was about 6 weeks. If your stressing I would go to your gp and see what they say and take you tests with you. I would say your pregnant one could be faulty but 3... Surly not

Number3cometome Thu 14-May-15 12:52:06

I don't think 3 separate tests would be fault! Good luck OP

88blueshoes Thu 14-May-15 12:56:25

What type of test is it? The most sensitive are usually the first response so try one of those if you haven't already.

curvymumma Fri 15-May-15 02:57:08

Three of the tests I've done. All first response brand. Three very faint lines. One didn't show in the pic. Hope it posts.

I got my period this morning.
Got a doc appointment on Monday so I'm going to ask for a blood test. I know you can still bleed if pregnant so just going to make sure with the blood test..
I've spent the whole morning crying because of my period.
My kids have been so beautiful with cuddles and tissues but how do you explain this to a 6 and 3 year old? I just said mummy is so tired and it's making me sad.

curvymumma Fri 15-May-15 02:58:54

In the pic... Top test was done on mother's day ie Sunday
bottom test was done on Tuesday and is so very faint.
middle test was done on Thursday.

curvymumma Fri 15-May-15 04:38:24

Called my GP and managed to get an appointment for this afternoon...

Number3cometome Fri 15-May-15 08:53:16

They may well do a blood test and check your HCG levels.
I can see a real squinter in the top FRER but nothing on the others.

Number3cometome Mon 18-May-15 11:27:43

What happened OP?

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