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Totally confused. Pls help :(

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Cococrazy Mon 11-May-15 17:29:54

Not due AF for another 8 days. Been having sex all the time trying to hit the jackpot.
Today one of my nipples is very slightly tender, I have lower back ache, I had heat bumps breakout on my face and neck last night which has now calmed down, I am really bloated and I had a couple of dizzy spells today. Are these symptoms of pregnancy or conception/implantation? Pls help xx

Cococrazy Mon 11-May-15 17:30:32

I do also feel a bit PMSy

FernGullysWoollyPully Mon 11-May-15 17:34:41

I know how frustrating it is but in the nicest possible way, chill out on the symptom spotting. All the symptoms you describe acould indicate something going on but it might not. The only way you will know is when af is late and you do a test. Have some wine and relax.

Cococrazy Mon 11-May-15 17:37:00

The waiting is driving me nuts!!! I'm so impatient smile

Bobian123 Mon 11-May-15 17:37:24

I had dizzy spells and went off food around the time of implantarion with DC1, no symptoms at all for DC2. It's so so hard when you're waiting for AF but unfortunately it could be random, do to with PMS, or v early pregnancy signs!!

Hoping it's the latter for you! Good luck

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