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Duofertility - anyone used this or know anyone who has?

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Southy84 Sun 10-May-15 22:13:19

So I have seen something that is supposed to help ttc, it's expensive £495 for initially 6 months and if within that six months you aren't pregnany you can continue using it for another 6 months from what I can gather.

From what I have read it's a sensor you wear on your skin which monitors your temperature (like bbt but it's constantly monitoring what your body is doing without you having to do anything) Apparently it reads 20,000 readings a day and these are analysed by the companies fertility experts. The company then give you warning when you are going to ovulate, whether you have ovulated and advice. Theres more detail on their website.

What I'm wondering is if anyone has experience of using this? Or knows anyone who has? There is a pay monthly option which would make it more financially viable. Its still a lot of money and would appreciate people's views, worth it or not? I kind of feel a bit desperate and want a miracle.

Any comments will be really appreciated x

Frecklefacedgirls Sun 10-May-15 22:50:40

Hi, I used this a few years ago, though the offer then was that if you hadn't got pregnant in 12 months you got a refund.
I phoned for advice when I was considering whether to ttc or not. We had 3 DC when I conceived at the age of 44 ,it was unexpected but we were delighted.Unfortunately I miscarried at 11 weeks. We felt we wanted to try again, not to replace the baby we'd lost but we felt our family was now incomplete and there was definitely room for another.When I phoned the people at Duofertility they were really helpful and suggested I have an AMH test done to check ovarian reserve. Results came back good for my age so on that basis they offered me the 12 month guarantee.
I found it very user friendly, easy to wear, very easy to use the software and it gave a really good indication of what my cycle was doing and was able to accurately predict my fertile window. Obviously it wont tell you the day of ovulation until after it's happened but you can use it in conjunction with cheapie internet OPKs .
They sent lots of informative emails about lots of aspects of ttc and it was great being able to phone for advice and support when I needed to.
I was actually pregnant again already when I started using the device and because my temp wasn't dropping they contacted me to advise doing a HPT. Sadly I miscarried at 6 weeks, conceived again the next cycle, then miscarried at 12 weeks (baby stopped growing at 8w6d).
I continued to use the device and they gave a very comprehensive fertility review after a few months. They suggested checking progesterone levels, which should be checked 7 d post ovulation, rather than just going on cd21 I was able to go on cd23 because I had ovulation confirmed, giving very accurate results. If you do get pregnant you obviously can date your pregnancy very accurately too.
Unfortunately the guarantee didn't apply after I miscarried as I had got pregnant, even though it didn't result in a baby.
The happy ending is that after we'd decided to give up and had stopped using it and I'd thrown away all my OPKs etc I concieved again and had my little DD at the age of 46!
So I would say it's a good product to help understand your cycle and the advice from the team is good but it's not cheap and though it may help you achieve your miracle it's not going to guarantee it. If you had underlying fertility issues it could help pinpoint them and it gives you info you can bring to your GP too.
Good luck, hope you get your little miracle!

Southy84 Mon 11-May-15 06:47:04

Thank you so much freckle for your comments I really appreciate it. Im so happy you had you dd after what must have been some very tough emotional months.

Did you find it easy wearing the sensors? I read some reviews that some ladies lost sensors as the sticky pads weren't great. And is it literally wearing them 24hours a day until hopefully you get a bfp or until the subscription runs out?

Thank you again x

willitbe Mon 11-May-15 19:58:59

I used it as part of a fertility trial, I was allergic to the adhesive used so had to use an armband for the sensor. Which I only wore at night (they said that the results would be slightly less accurate, but not much, with wearing it less). The email/phone help was great.

I would say that it would not be any more than temping and using, but less having to think about it each morning.

I actually prefer using the babycomp/ladycomp device, that was also part of the trial.

I too got pregnant and miscarried on it, so I was grateful that I was part of a trial and not paying for it and losing the money-back guarantee.

Frecklefacedgirls Mon 11-May-15 23:55:17

Southy I found it very easy wearing the sensor. One of the adhesives irritated my skin slightly but they sent a selection of different pads to try and I had no problems with the others. The sensor never fell off and I wasn't really aware I was wearing it. I kept it on most of the time and always overnight.

PinkLJ Sun 07-Jun-15 17:07:52

Hi I'm trying duo fertility now. Used the clear blue advanced fertility monitor for 2 months....but due to irregular cycles (I blame the pill and weight gain) no peaks thought I would use the duo fertility monitor along side it. Will let you know how it works out. So far.....I love it! Easy to set up and use...adhesive is pretty good and it's under the bra strap anyway.
Just hoping it works! I've gone for the lite version....and you just pay your subscription for the next month 10 days before your current month runs out.

Southy84 Mon 08-Jun-15 03:58:07

How exciting pink definitely update with how you're getting on, I would love to hear from you. I've still not made a decision on trying it yet. I will have my fx for you smile

purplemurple1 Mon 08-Jun-15 04:22:05

I used it mostly as we'd been trying 6 months and I travelled a lot for work and wanted to try and plan when I needed to be home.
I wore the sensor at night on an arm band. It was useful as after 3 months of no peaks I was too I wasn't ovulating. They weren't able to give any advice other than to see my doctor. I ended up needing hormones and once ovulation started it was obvious (ov pains) and I got preg first time, so I didn't need the sensor so I don't know if it would have actually picked it up.

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