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Disappearing positive - am I going mad?

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GingerDoodle Sun 10-May-15 14:58:18

Ok, no idea what cycle day I'm on - had my coil out last month and no bleeding. I've got a pack of cheap internet tests I'm doing randomly.

Today I've had two that have showed a red line but under where the plastic bit is (so obv not the right bit) so I flicked it up for a better look decided it wasn't positive then looked back to see a red line in the right space!

Second one was convincing enough to show Dh but it then disappeared - what the heck? Didn't get this with dd - were either def neg and then def positive with a line never faded.

siblingproblemsaplenty Wed 20-May-15 09:17:23

Hi OP, any change yet? If not can I suggest you get a FRER or other brand of pregnancy tests, those ICs can be a bit crap. I am getting bold lines on FRERs and superdrug tests at the moment but very very faint lines on IC.

If your lines are getting fainter and then turning into BFNs then there is a chance it was a chemical pregnancy, but I would test on another brand to make sure of what is happening.

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