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Worried about weight

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pinkmallow Fri 08-May-15 08:23:21

I currently weigh 11st 7 and would like to start a family soon, I am just worried that I'll put on a lot of weight and end up feeling awful. Would it be better to lose more weight then start trying?

bourbondreams Fri 08-May-15 09:40:25

I think it depends on how you do it.

I am ttc #1 and I am currently following the slimming world plan. which doesn't feel like a diet at all, its jsut encouraging me to eat much more healthy and getting in more veg and fruit than I had been, as such I have lost 10lbs.

I believe that slimming world would also be sustainable while pregnant, as it isn't really a "diet" more a lifestyle change and habit changing plan.

I think the thing is if I get pregnant I won't suddenly start eating badly again - I appreciate i will want treats and take things a bit easier, but it is a manageable programme which can potentially help me maintain.

I don't see any issues with losing weight while ttc as surely in long run its better, as long as you are doing it the right way

I would perhaps discuss with you doctor if you are worried/have questions about what it might do.

pinkmallow Fri 08-May-15 12:40:20

Thank you for the reply smile I currently do eat very healthily and can't see that changing either. I think the thing is I used to weigh 9 stone and went up to 13 over a few years due to a number of issues and although I have slowly lost some over the years I fond my bigger figure hard and worry I'll get enormous when pregnant! Do you mind me asking me how much you weigh and how much you ideally aim to be before getting pregnant?

dementedpixie Fri 08-May-15 13:55:07

I was about 15 stone when I was pregnant. I watched what I ate and put on less than 2 stone which came off straight after birth

bourbondreams Fri 08-May-15 16:34:17

I am now 10st 10lb and would ideally like to get to 9st 7lb but I would be happy with 9st 13lb or whatever I am at when I get pregnant. I think as long as I have lost a stone or so I will be happy as hopefully it won't take too long to shift any gain, and although some of the weight gain you can't control I hope to minimize what I do put on, we shall see.
I am trying to walk about more now, and I have a fitbit which helps encourage me to move more as it counts my steps and then I try and beat what I've done before, I think moving about is the key as well, but I don't want to do any intensive classes or anything as I don't want to put myself under that pressure as I haven't been doing them before.

sarah1391 Fri 08-May-15 18:28:07

Hi smile and hi bourbon, i 'know' u from another thread!

I'm ttc #1 but i've put on about 3 stone over the past few years. My weight does fluctuate a bit but not normally as much as this!
I've joined slimming world recently and lost 5 lbs so far. Going to keep following the plan bur dont have time to go to the classes.

I really want to lose another 2 stone or more and hopefully i'll lose it quick (i've been eating rubbish for ages...oops)

I weigh more than both of u lol although i'm 5'9...not sure how tall u both are but i'm tall so guessing not 5'9! Although u wouldnt look at me and think 'omg shes fat', its all on my bum/thighs/hips rather than stomach!

bourbondreams Fri 08-May-15 20:53:03

Hiiiii sarah1391 I'm 5'2 ... So overweight on my bmi. But slowly getting there.... I'm the same I don't look like I'm really over it's fairly spread over my legs and that.

Yeah I do sw online. I think after my 6months perhaps I will stop as will have all the knowledge I need now.

sarah1391 Fri 08-May-15 21:16:22

bourbon before i lost a few lbs my bmi told me i was obese!! Now i'm not saying i'm a supermodel, but i certainly am not obese! I don't trust bmi confused

Some people would love our hourglass figures wink haha my friend is tiny (size 6-8 with no bum) and always tells me how she's jealous i have a bum!

Sounds like a good plan, I've downloaded the app which has so many nice recipes on it, shame i'm on my own the majority of the time so don't bother to cook them!

bourbondreams Fri 08-May-15 21:28:41

Yeah I think I just want to be a size 10 again. I'm a 10 up top and a 12/14 bottom. Annoyingly my thighs won't lose weight and a 14 is big at waist and legs but not upper thighs!! Otherwise I'd be so much closer!! Ah well one day!

sarah1391 Fri 08-May-15 21:38:03

Thats annoying! I think my bottom is currently a 14/16 but i refuse to buy a 16 so i just have clothes that dont fit! On top used to be a 10/12 but just now a 12 just fits. We'll get there! smile

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