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Possible positive? Or an evap?

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butterflyFairy1 Fri 08-May-15 00:22:26

Hi all,

My cousin took this test this evening, and we waited about fifteen minutes before a line came up. I have inverted the photo because the line is quite difficult to see when it hasn't been inverted. These are Asda's own tests, and I was wondering whether evap lines show up like this once the colour has been pulled? Is it a possible positive? Or should we just regard it as negative?

Thank you smile

DuelingFanjo Fri 08-May-15 00:25:32

I think 15 minutes is too long, can she test again?

Lweji Fri 08-May-15 00:30:16

What is the maximum time given for that particular test?
Don't trust any lines outside the time frame.

Try again in a couple of days, and use a morning urine.

butterflyFairy1 Fri 08-May-15 01:01:23

We just looked and it said ten minutes, so it was outside the time frame. She has no other tests in, so it'll have to be tomorrow morn now smile she rang me up at 10:30pm because she didn't want to be alone when she took it (her partner is away with his dad!). I also have one she can use, so I'll take it up to her tomorrow morn smile thank you for your input Dueling and Lwej smile

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