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Have i ovulated?

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lugo40 Thu 07-May-15 14:29:20

Hi all,

WE started trying to concieve jan 14. I have just had some tests and been referred to gynae as looks like i have a polyp... maybe!
I Anyway, I have started using OPK and charting the CM and BBT aswl as having reflexology and acupuncture.
My cycles vary from 31- 41 days but tend to be around the 38 - 38 mark.

I am on day 18 today. The OPK said i peaked on day 16. I also had a very small amount of EWCM on day 16. But my temp hasnt risen yet. So - do you think i ovulated? HAving not used OPK before i am now thinking to get a cycle of 38 and ovulate day 16 then i either have a very long luteal phase or this month is going to be one of my months thats shorter than the rest.

i am confused!!!

RoseBud2015 Thu 07-May-15 19:26:47

Im afraid that without a temp rise, you cannot confirm ov! It might be that you will ov today or tomoz.... wait and how your temps pan out in coming dsys.
I used to get positive opks and ewcm but blood tests confirmed no ov! X

RoseBud2015 Thu 07-May-15 19:27:33

Oh and my temp never shifted! Always around 36.6!

lugo40 Sat 09-May-15 07:19:48

Thank you! I guess my temp has shifted it tended to be 35. Something before and is 36. Something now. It's just quite zig zag because when I started I took it between 5-7 am Rsther than same time. Lesson learnt for next time!

sammylou1 Sat 09-May-15 08:47:05

Lugo - I think maximum LP is around 18 days so I wouldn't have thought you ov that early in your cycle usually. Your temp needs to rise by about .2 degrees C to show ovulation and the rise must be sustained. Are you using the FF app? It's really good as puts all your temps in an easy to read graph. You also have to take your temp at the same time every day without moving/speaking for it to be accurate. Should also be after 3 hours sleep. Do you have a bbt to 2 decimal places? Xx

joy29 Sat 09-May-15 19:00:44

Hi everyone please I need help as am new on this site. My hubby and I are TTC and we have been at it for about 5 solid good months now. With our first it was easy because not much work was needed. After my first (5yrs ago) my menstrual cycle has since then been on and off very irregular. I was told to buy an ov test kits which I did but each time I test the line is always really really faint until couple of days ago and also today I took a test with sainsburys brand couple of days ago and it seems a bit darker so really confused. this evening test line is also darker than usual. Please can someone tell me if am actually ovulating?...i have added the pic below. Thank you

BabyBumpHopeful Mon 11-May-15 04:36:55

joy to be positive the test line MUST be as dark as, or darker than, the control line. So all of those look negative to me. They will start to get darker (but not as dark as the control line) as you begin to get an LH surge so that's when you know OV is coming. OV occurs 24-36 hours after the OPK is positive.

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