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Treatment for hostile cervical mucus?

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Bovnydazzler Thu 07-May-15 07:42:37

I've been TTC #2 for 15 months, 4 months on clomid (but last month came off clomid).
I'm 31, used to have loads of CM, but now nothing at the right time, let alone it being EWCM. I thought it may have been the clomid causing this (hadn't got a positive OPK before this) but I've been off clomid this cycle and got my positive OPK on cd 34. But no CM!
I'm thinking it's the CM preventing the pregnancy. I've used preseed/conceive plus every cycle. Over various cycles Ive also tried grapefruit juice, EPO and of course drinking water.

I did tell the Gyno (unfortunately it was a not great locum one at my last appointment) who just put it down to stress with no solution.

Anyone had this and got any suggestions? I'm thinking of going private for other tests now and potential IUI to bypass my cervix altogether!

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