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early bfp now spotting and the line is fainter

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WineSpider Thu 07-May-15 07:02:08

My cycles are on the short side and i ovulated on day 9 this month. Period due around tuesday of this week which would be a 23 day cycle. Got a negative with clearblue on monday but a positive with first response on Tuesday.

Have been brown spotting for the past few days which i don't remember having with DC1. I did another first response yesterday and the line was fainter although still there - such early days i know (not even 4 weeks yet). Is it game over? I've had a chemical before so wondering if this is one.

parsnipbob Sun 17-May-15 10:22:48

wine just wondered how this turned out for you as am now having a similar experience with a FRER?

Brooke113 Sun 17-May-15 11:12:08

I'm going through the same thing too sad line was much fainter this morning and sure I had spotting last night...AF due tomorrow sad I don't think there's anything you can do, just have to ride it out unfortunately sad awful isn't it x

mrsmugoo Sun 17-May-15 11:23:38

I hope it works out for you OP

tigerdog Sun 17-May-15 11:27:42

No words of wisdom, just a handhold and keeping fingers crossed for you. this is happening to me right now, post IVF. Lovely positives on Thurs on FRER and a digi then fading on Friday until nothing to speak of today. No spotting or cramping yet but expecting that to follow. Gutted. Hope you all have better luck. xx

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