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Thought I'd accidentally got pregnant now im sad & disappointed that I'm not.

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RachyBla Wed 06-May-15 19:30:28

Hi all...

Im feeling really sad today, for a while the past week or so I thought I might have accidentally become pregnant. My period was a week late, and Ive been feeling pregnancy symptoms like being tired and nauseous, my sense of smell seemed heightened and funny tingling sensations in my tummy and my boobs feel a bit swollen. Which is completely different to my usual pre-menstrual experience of achy boobs a few days before and crunchy cramps in my back that start after my flow does. But my period finally started today and I'm feeling disappointed and sad that I'm not pregnant. I still feel quite nauseous & tired & same symptoms, it's quite a change in my pre-menstrual symptoms though is that normal?
I know if I had been pregnant that it wouldn't be great timing as I've got to stand up in the crown court as a main witness for a serious crime later in the year and thats going to be hard and stressful and wouldn't be good for a baby growing inside and my partner of 9 yrs is just about to finish his degree as a mature student so timing really wouldn't have been good. But still, im sad and wish my period hadn't come, my partner and I had a chat about it and maybe in a few years we can plan having a baby but I'm sad and need a hug.


MostAmused Wed 06-May-15 20:05:23

Aw [hug] I could have written your post myself. I feel like it most months as I would love a baby but the timing is not great, new job living at parents just now etc.
I think it's natural broodiness. I find I can make myself feel better by imagining a stressed day where I would have to arrange childcare, get to work, walk the dog, sort dinner, make sure the money didn't run out etc. Then I feel thankful I didn't fall pregnant!

Penfold007 Wed 06-May-15 20:12:58

Hugs here. If you and DP can't afford a baby right now then that is tough. I gave evidence in crown court at 8 months, judge was most amused at my moving bump.

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