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baby collection??

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katiebrusby Wed 06-May-15 11:55:59

Didnt know what to name this thread lol! Is anybody thats ttc starting to get baby bits or anything that they see? My sister has already said she has put away her moses basket and a few other bits for me and i noticed on hukd earlier that asda have got the tommee tippee 6pk bottles reduced to £5 and it feels like a silly idea to wait wgen i know ill need them at some point

Itwillhappenforus Wed 06-May-15 20:41:50

Hi Katie

I am by far not superstitious at all, however I've been told before it almost jinxs you getting pregnant if you buy baby stuff before you're pregnant. Not sure if I believe that myself.

More than anything for me, I think if I wasn't getting pregnant for a long time it would really upset me to know that I have baby stuff waiting for baby in the house. My older sister had her two children via IVF after trying for 5 years and my best friend has recently had an ectopic pregnancy, hence the nervousness around TTC for me and knowing it would have upset them to have stuff in the house. I think when I do get pregnant, it will be so amazing to actually go shopping at that time for your bump.

It's a good point, there are good deals on at the moment however there always will be with baby stuff.

Maybe for some it give them hope and for that reason why not. I suppose it's a very personal decision up to you. I hope you get your BFP really quick and you can shop with bubba in your belly.

TaintedAngel Wed 06-May-15 20:52:21

I would hold off until your BFP. it would be heartbreaking if you had trouble ttc and had a heap of baby stuff waiting. almost like another kick. my mum seen a beautiful designer moses basket a few gears ago and thought it was too good a deal to miss so bought it for me. I wasn't even ttc at that point! anyways roll on me ttc for now 2 years with no joy at all and I can't help but feel like I want to burn that bloody moses basket. angry
never thought I would be superstitious but there ya go!

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