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very irregular periods!

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katiebrusby Wed 06-May-15 06:20:21

Hi! Me and oh are just starting to try this is our first month. Wondered if anybody else has very irregular periods?! The doctor put me on th pill which regulated them but obviously iv just come off th pill to ttc and even with not restarting my pill this week its already happening! im never very geavy but i can be spotting for 2-3 weeks most of th time only enough to need a pantyliner or something but then if me and oh have sex it seems to start it off again and itll be like being on my period again for a day!

Sorry for the tmi just worried my messed up cycle will affect us trying!!

Cwtches1 Wed 06-May-15 19:03:24

I'm going through the same thing without the spotting, hun! I came off the pill at the very beginning of last month, I'm 14 days late and I've never suffered with PMS or anything, and my body just feels so weird! But when you come off the pill, your hormones tend to go all out of whack. If you're not pregnant, your periods will regulate over the next few months, your body just needs to get used to the fact that you're no longer on the pill. However, if you are pregnant, it's normal to spot a little in your first trimester! Might be worth taking a test if you haven't already! Good luck and hope you get the result you're after! smile xx

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