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TTC #2 *clomid*

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Charlottelouisa Tue 05-May-15 21:16:04

Hello I'm Charlotte, I'm 30 and I have a daughter who is 8. I conceived naturally with her.
I have been trying for no2 for 6 years (on and off) with my partner of 13 years.
I have PCOS (left ovary = heavily polycystic, right ovary= perfect)

Just finished taking clomid 100mg on days 2-6 , this is my first cycle with clomid.

I'm now on cycle day 12.

Had a follicle scan on day 8 that revealed 1 - 10mm follicle, went back today for another scan and that follicle has dissapeared from my right ovary and 2 different follicles have formed measuring 11.2 each on my left ovary. I have got to go back on Friday as consultant says that I need at least 1 follicle to reach 18mm or more and she will give me a trigger injection to force ovulation

Has anyone else got any experience on this ?
I'm slightly confused.

Any comments would be much appreciated

(Sorry for the essay)

Charlotte x

Charlottelouisa Thu 07-May-15 13:13:43

hello anyone??

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