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Anyone experience preseed clearing up BV?

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hewy Tue 05-May-15 16:49:14

So I had a very undelightful couple of days of BV. I'd never had it before and didn't even realise what it was until some serious googling when I felt very uncomfortable with the smell no matter how clean I tried to keep myself. I ordered some balance active but it took a few days to arrive from Amazon and in the meantime, I suspected I was in my fertile window, so dh and I were dtd asap and using preseed for the first time this month. After using preseed 4 times, 4 days in a row the BV went away! Haven't even opened the balance active. So I'm wondering if bv goes away on its own or is my theory correct that preseed rebalanced the ph in my vagina and cleared it up? If so, I love preseed even more! Still 6 days til AF is due and no sign of a BFP, but I'm still impressed with the preseed.
Anyone else experienced this?

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