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Is this positive

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mariam101 Mon 04-May-15 07:56:06

I took a test morning time and straight away it went like this I am now panicking please any advice

Nolim Mon 04-May-15 07:58:01

There is a very clear vertical line.

KneeQuestion Mon 04-May-15 07:59:54

Its faint, but still looks positive to me.

WendyTorrance Mon 04-May-15 08:00:33

I would say that a a definite positive as its a +.
I used those tests with all of my pregnancies.

BiggerYellowTaxi Mon 04-May-15 08:00:36

Yes that is a positive test.

mariam101 Mon 04-May-15 08:00:42

R u sure I am ttc but now I scared it turned like this within 5 secinds

KneeQuestion Mon 04-May-15 08:01:08

Im looking at the wrong line I think, yes the vertical line [result line?] is very strong.

Nishky Mon 04-May-15 08:01:16

It does look like a positive to me, I also used those.

Betterthanme Mon 04-May-15 08:03:09

I wouldn't trust the clearblue. Iv had a few false positives on those. Check with a pink dye.

Nolim Mon 04-May-15 08:07:03

The result line (vertical) is very strong. That is the one that matters if i understand the instructions correctly.

mariam101 Mon 04-May-15 08:07:46

What's a pink dye is that when u urine on the stick n it turns pink Cuz if so that's what happened

NoArmaniNoPunani Mon 04-May-15 08:12:04

I looks positive, can you take another one to make sure? How many DPO are you?

mariam101 Mon 04-May-15 08:14:44

Well I haven't had a periods since I come off the pill in February

passmethewineplease Mon 04-May-15 08:15:09

Mariam a pink dye just means the lines are pink, and it won't be a cross, more likely just two lines if positive. Your pi. Is very much a positive. Your results line (the vertical line) is very strong.

mariam101 Mon 04-May-15 08:15:12

I only had the one test from months back

BiggerYellowTaxi Mon 04-May-15 08:17:40

As others have said, that is a strong positive. Maybe try a digital one as it's harder to discount it when it's in writing smile. Good luck!

Lemondrizzletwunt Mon 04-May-15 08:22:06

Get a first response early result if you want a second opinion, but yes, that most certainly is a BFP! Congratulations

mariam101 Mon 04-May-15 08:22:28

Ok thanks I think the shock hasn't quite sunk in yet I don't think I was expecting it to happen to be honest because not having any periods

NoArmaniNoPunani Mon 04-May-15 08:31:09

Have you been using ovulation tests or anything else that might give you an idea of conception date?

mariam101 Mon 04-May-15 08:35:21

No I had a scan beginning of April to check y I was having so much pain but no pregnancy was detected so if it is positive I am only a couple of weeks 4/5 weeks I would say

mariam101 Mon 04-May-15 09:47:55

So now I am realising on 22 April I had wisdom teeth took out by General anesthetic cud that do any harm to my unborn child

NoArmaniNoPunani Mon 04-May-15 10:00:10

Don't worry. I'm 5 weeks pregnant. Remember the way pregnancy is counted for the first 2 weeks you aren't actually pregnant. And even after implantation it takes a while for the placenta to establish

puddymuddles Mon 04-May-15 10:03:12

Yes def positive! I am expecting 3rd DC and all of my lines on tests were faint like this. You prob drink a lot of water so the preg hormone not as concentrated. Congratulations!

mariam101 Mon 04-May-15 10:04:50

So by this calendar I done the deed with hubby on the dates with the hearts but I am finding it difficult to pinpoint when I actually conceived because I had a scan on the 8th of April but no pregnancy detected any thoughts

NoArmaniNoPunani Mon 04-May-15 10:08:05

Wow, you have a lot more sex than me! I don't think you'll be able to pinpoint the exact date but they'll give you an idea at your first scan.

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