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mariam101 Sun 03-May-15 15:14:26

This is my story I had a bby back in November 2013 and when she was 6 weeks old I had the implant put in my arm as a means of birth control after 6 months I decided to get it removed due to it causing my body to think I was pregnant. So I went to having the mini pill straight after having it removed and again after 7 months I decided to stop taking the pill in hope to ttc. I stopped taking this in February of this year but I haven't had a period not even a withdrawal bleed and I am getting really concerned I have had a scan which came back normal and was nothing to worry about and now the doctor has put a referral for me to start seeing a gynocologist. I have read a lot about Post Pill Amenorrhea and was wondering could this be what's wrong with me and has anyone had this and is there any success story's in becoming pregnant please someone respond thanks

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