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TTC after vasectomy reversal - OMG

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SteelyMindedLiberal Thu 30-Apr-15 14:12:35


Am a long-time lurker on these boards, from when I first knew dp had had the snip, to when we were looking into getting it reversed, right through to when we actually had it done.

He had it done in the first week of March 2015. He was healing through my first fertile window, so we tried the next month (April). Unbelievably, we got our BFP this morning (am on CD39 but hadn't tested sooner as genuinely did not expect this AT ALL).

Obvs is early days, and anything could happen. But my dp was TWELVE YEARS past his original op. So our chances of conceiving at all were not great.

We were all geared up for two years of trying, then maybe IVF and ICSI. Then this! We're not counting our chickens but it's at least clear the op has been a success.

Anyway. Just wanted to share that with anyone thinking of a reversal, or TTC after one, or whatever. Keep the faith!

anyoldnameforathread Thu 30-Apr-15 14:13:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AlwaysDancing1234 Thu 30-Apr-15 14:30:28

Great post, hope it's good news for you flowers

SteelyMindedLiberal Thu 30-Apr-15 16:43:26

Thanks smile

Meant to say, we used Mr Harriss in Notts and would obviously recommend him!

1moreplease Tue 05-May-15 13:48:52

That's great news ! Were booked in for 13/5/15 grin can't wait now but really feeling apprehensive , there are lots of positive threads on here so I'm feeling hopeful smile

SteelyMindedLiberal Fri 15-May-15 07:12:12

Oooh 1more only just seen this - hope all went well and he is healing nicely. Our bun still baking away happily - am 7 weeks now. Proof these ops work! Lots of luck to you smile

1moreplease Wed 20-May-15 14:46:13

Hi well all went well , he is healing , swelling going down . How many days did you leave before dtd ? I'm due to ov tues 13 days post op not sure wether to leave it til next month or if it will make a huge difference 1 day early confused obviously I don't want to risk causing anything to go wrong down there wink , great news that everything is going well ! X

SteelyMindedLiberal Mon 25-May-15 11:08:19

Hmmm we were v strict about the healing: first week in bed, second v careful; didn't dtd until the two weeks had passed (was v tough to resist though!). I actually O'ed while he was recovering so we missed that one, but it meant we had the best part of a month for some serious 'pipe cleaning' (!) and that's maybe why we got lucky the next month...

That said, 13 days is only one day out!

I'd probably play it safe with the healing then dtd loads ready for next O - that way you've more chance of live sperm coming through anyway. Up to you though. Glad it went well and good luck!

1moreplease Wed 10-Jun-15 16:22:32

Hi well just to update we went through with dtd and less than a month post op and we have a BFP grin cannot believe it x

SpamAnderson Wed 10-Jun-15 20:10:35

Congratulations!!!! DH had his 5th December and I got my BFP on New Years day smile now 26+4, never dreamt it would work, never mind that quickly! It's certainly made me enjoy pregnancy that bit more as it's taken a long time to come smile

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