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Good website for understanding fertility test results?

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HopeintheAir Thu 30-Apr-15 11:23:04

Just got my fertility test results back from the clinic and am struggling to understand them (day 12 bloods and DH semen analysis). They say everything is ok but I would like to look at the details. Can anyone recommend a good website to check out please?

tigerdog Tue 05-May-15 06:37:21

This is the NHS guidelines for assessment and treatment of infertility. It is long but is s very good place to start. It has both semen analysis levels and LH/FSH plus lots more info about how treatment for infertility in England will progress (assuming that's where you are).

I think I also looked at The Lister (private clinic) website for further information about my AMH result, and they may well have further info.

Hope that helps, good luck xx

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