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Candle smugglers of the world unite! The Berries have loaded up the charabanc and have Barry on repeat. Destination BFP (via the pouch of Douglas)

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happylass Thu 30-Apr-15 06:38:58

The small print:

The Berries have strict entrance criteria: TTC #1 for 12 months+, over 30, NO instadiffers, must have a special pimping pot and absolutely no mention of baby dust/dancing. Not that we're fussy grin

Current passengers

Happylass, 37, TTC since Aug 2012. 2 failed ICSIs. Hopefully FET early May with only frostie. Long awaited NHS appt in June
Beaky 35, ttc coming up 3 yrs, 2x failed iui 1x long protocol ivf cancelled due to poor response. On the pill awaiting short protocol IVF in may
Minx, 34, both tubes blocked, 1 buried ovary, IVF info evening June, IVF "booking in" appointment in July
Nolly, 33, TTC 2.7 years, mc Dec 2014. awaiting ivf August 2015 while dh is off on a jolly.
Wild 40 - TTC for three years. Embies on ice and planning FET with immune treatment in June.
HampshireBlues 36 TTC 3.5 years, unexplained. Cycle 1 chemical pregnancy, cycle 2 abandoned due to cyst, cycle 3 failed. Plan thrombotic profile, scratch and short protocol.
Lumen, 35, ttc since Nov 2011, unexplained, two IVF cycles in 2014, both bfns, waiting for lap&dye and results of numerous bloods, aiming for one last IVF cycle in the summer.
Tigerdog, 34 ttc since Jan 2013. Unexplained and all test results good. Currently in the middle of long protocol IVF, 13 eggs collected and awaiting news for next steps.
Gillster, 41, TTC since Feb 2012. Had IVF in Feb 14 and had 6 one cell embies frozen due to polyp. 2 x 2 day embies finally put back 14 months later on 16th April, BFP 28th April
Smidge, 39 this month, TTC since Jan 2013. Unexplained. IVF#1 Short protocol July '14 BFN, IVF#2 Nov'14 and IVF#3 Feb '15 both Long protocol BFNs. High NK cells immune treatment. 2 frosties due to be put back in natural FET in May or June.
Kuma - 40. TTC 2.5 years. Low AMH high FSH - DH antisperm ABs. Failed IVF June 14 and March 15. Looking to change clinic and try another natural cycle in June 2015.
Lucieloos, 35, TTC 18 months, low AMH & sperm motility. 1st ICSI in Czech Republic in April 2015. Awaiting results.
Barkingtreefrog, 35, ttc since Dec 2011. Clomid bfp summer 2013, mc @ 7 weeks. IUI bfp summer 2014, mc @ 7 weeks. Diagnosed with factor v leiden thrombophilia (but
not thought to be the cause of the mc's as they were too early). Failed IUI January 2015, failed IVF March 2015. No further NHS help. Going private for nk cells testing and a scratch before putting the frosties back, hopefully this summer.
Rain, 33 ttc since March 2012. unexplained. mystery bfp oct 13, MMC Nov 13. NHS IVF starting in June
Spare planning FET with remaining frosties shortly
Pont 1st IVF in Czech Republic in July.

CatsCantFlyFast Thu 30-Apr-15 06:44:05

Place marking

barkingtreefrog Thu 30-Apr-15 06:50:28

Cross posted again, but on the old thread! Ah well. Just marking my place.

tigerdog Thu 30-Apr-15 07:02:20

Lovely new thread happy!

How did people feel after EC? I felt fine yesterday but today I feel like I have (tmi) trapped wind or something as my tummy is quite tender. I am keen to get out and about but not sure about making plans just yet....

lucieloos Thu 30-Apr-15 07:22:49

Marking my place. I felt quite tender and like I had a stitch the day of my egg collection but then the following day I felt fine.

happylass Thu 30-Apr-15 07:24:03

Tiger I was fine the day of EC but very sore for 2 days after. I couldn't really stand up straight and the most I managed was shuffling over to the coffee shop around the corner with DH. The good news is that on the 3rd day I felt right as rain again. Take it easy, you've been through a lot. Fx for good news on your fertilisation rate today.

IamKuma Thu 30-Apr-15 08:02:53

Thanks Happy grin

nolly3 Thu 30-Apr-15 08:19:37

thanks happy smile

Good plan on your triathalon, barking. I think you will love doing tris. Mr Nol does them - plymouth and helvellyn in last couple of years, was amazing, really nice atmosphere and v rewarding I think.

Just re-read over the old thread. Chortling to myself about swarthy sons of toil wild. They are quite sweet actually, but there is no way of describing my domestic situation at the moment without it sounding like a bad porno. Bow chicka bow bow! as bushy said.

WildflowerMarmalade Thu 30-Apr-15 08:27:45

Thank you for making the new thread Happy.

Tiger I was fine on the day of EC both times (maybe effects of the painkillers?) but had cramping pain the following night on the first one, second time I was horrendously bloated which inspired my detox. Take it easy.

grin 'there is no way of describing my domestic situation at the moment without it sounding like a bad porno' - keep those classic quotes coming Nolly.

mmmminx Thu 30-Apr-15 09:55:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheRainDrops Thu 30-Apr-15 10:11:48

lovely new thread happy! <plumps pouffe of possibility and gets comfy>

tigerdog Thu 30-Apr-15 10:33:17

So had the call. Of the 13 only 7 were mature and only 5 were fertilised. I have to say I'm a bit disappointed as I had a much higher number of large follicles and yet they managed only 7 mature eggs. Where did the others go?! Anyway, just having that little whinge within the confines of berry HQ and then it's PMA all the way from now...5 fertilised and in the game. So slightly odd in that they have booked me in for a provisional transfer tomorrow but will call between 9 and 10 if the think they can go on to day 3/4/5. Fingers crossed these 5 are hardy souls.

sparechange Thu 30-Apr-15 10:57:12

That's great news, Tiger!
I can see why you might be a little bit disappointed, but that is a great haul.
How many will you have put back?

I phoned the clinic today to tell them about the bfn, and they asked if I wanted to book a follow up appointment to discuss the cycle. I've said no, because there isn't much to discuss, but that I will call them on day 1 to book in for a day 7 scan with a view to doing another FET straight away. That'll be the last of our embies though, so not sure what we'll do if this doesn't work

WildflowerMarmalade Thu 30-Apr-15 10:57:33

It's great to get over the first hurdle and get some eggs fertilised Tiger - at least you know that fertilisation isn't your problem. It must be nice to know that yours and MrTiger's bits and pieces can work together.

I can understand you feeling a leetle bit disappointed with those numbers after such bounteous and promising numbers earlier on. But it's bound to be the strong, ripe ones that have popped out and fertilised.

I was a bit disappointed to end up with only four fertilised on my second round, but they all made it to day three so it can happen that all your embies thrive. I don't know if that's any comfort to you, but thought I'd mention it. Pompoming right now for your lot.

happylass Thu 30-Apr-15 11:12:42

Tiger 5 is a great number but as Wild said only natural to feel a bit deflated after so many follies. My first cycle was 9 follies, 7 mature, 6 fertilised, 5 went to blast. 2nd cycle 20 follies, 11 mature, 5 fertilised all went to blast. So it really made no difference that I had double the follies 2nd time around. Quality over quantity indeed! Cranking up the Barry for you!

Smidge001 Thu 30-Apr-15 11:40:17

Tiger I'm with wild and happy. I totally understand your initial disappointment given such a lot of eggs, but reckon the 5 that fertilised are the strong ones, and fingers crossed they'll make it to day 3/5. Just look at happy's stats.

lucie I'm really quite jealous of your one day 'stitch' feeling after EC wink I woke in the night after EC and couldn't stand upright at all - was walking at 90 degrees to the bathroom and had a sudden massive, massive pain - which I still put down to my cut open insides having stuck to each other like one big scab and me moving had ripped it apart!! shock Was still walking bent double for two more days - but then like happy said, the next day I was right as rain. Tiger I was warned that the day following EC can be worse than EC itself, because the follies fill up with fluid again and make you feel sore and bloated. But it does pass!

nolly3 Thu 30-Apr-15 12:25:34

tiger 5 fertilised is pretty good - it's all relative and as the others have said it's quality over quantity. COME ON EMBIES

smidge that sounds absolutely horrific. I winced reading that.

spare how are you feeling? I can understand not wanting to discuss much. I'd also be wanting to plough on straight away. I just feel so angry on your behalf. it's so unfair

sparechange Thu 30-Apr-15 12:42:26

You've made me cross my legs reading that!

nollly I just feel really... flat. I'm cross at myself for symptom spotting and getting my hopes up, but know we just have to dust ourselves off and get on with it. AF better appear soon!

beakybeak Thu 30-Apr-15 13:53:33

Tiger woohoo! 5 fertilised embies is brilliant and you have your own little 5 a side now! Also, you are further forward now than you have ever been, remember that. I really am pompoming away for these little ones. Hope you are taking it easy in the meantime and I will be checking in to find out about progress.

Sorry I'm not managing to fully catch up yet there's so much going on! Work is mental and I've only been away 3 days sad so updating while I quickly eat a sandwich.

Happy thanks for the new thread though, and Spare, a big hug to you.

mmmminx Thu 30-Apr-15 14:41:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lucieloos Thu 30-Apr-15 14:59:31

Tiger 5 is great although I can understand that you expected more from the number of eggs retrieved but lots of people have done well with that number.

Don't feel so good today, I really don't think it's worked for us. Think I'm going to test again tomorrow which will then be the equivalent of 12dpo. I know most women find out one way or another around this time. Don't want to be on a downer but just not expecting good news.

barkingtreefrog Thu 30-Apr-15 15:57:42

tiger quality over quantity smile. I was in a lot of pain the day after EC and even more pain the next day, couldn't go into work as planned. The two days after that I hobbled into the office clutching a wheat bag. I was lying in a ball on the bathroom floor at one point, calling the clinic to ask if this much pain was normal. Apparently it was. Some warning would have been good!!! angry

happy so you've had 10 blastos then? overachiever How many have they put back at a time and how many do you have left?

Nolly I was supposed to be going for my first run tonight (starting from scratch with the couch to 5k programme) but the dog walker texted to say the dog was crying, acting subdued and chasing his tail/dragging his bum along the floor/trying to bite himself sad. So I'm hoping DH can get home from work early and check on him as I'm really worried confused. I hate I when there's anything wrong with the dog sad.

happylass Thu 30-Apr-15 16:25:21

Barking yes 10 blasts from 2 cycles. Had 2 put back each time and one went in to the freezer. The rest weren't suitable for freezing unfortunately. Think my clinic are quite fussy given that some clinics will freeze on day 3. Hope your pooch is ok.

tigerdog Thu 30-Apr-15 16:27:44

Not surprised you feel flat spare it's so disappointing to go through a two week wait after treatment and come out of it with nothing....but us berries are made of strong stuff so up you get <proffers hand and a hug> and get back on the yellow brick road! Only one put back as standard at my FC for someone with my stats, would be tempted by two if I could!

lucie it's not over yet. Fingers crossed for you.

Ouch smidge I'm definitely not feeling that bad! Just a bit bloated and tender, not in agony. Have managed a dog walk, art gallery, shopping and lunch so not really stopping me from doing stuff! Now I'm just waiting for my lemon polenta cake cake to come out of the oven and to do a quick call with work.

barking hope your pooch is ok.

Hope that work calms down beaky!

Thanks for all your reassurance ladies, I'm feeling much better and am over my initial disappointment. Fingers crossed the 5 are getting on ok. I'd really prefer not to have my transfer tomorrow - would like a bit more time to recover from EC and all the drugs.

sparechange Thu 30-Apr-15 16:51:13

mminx 4 frosties left from the original 11. All frozen on day 1 so re quality is unknown but of the last lot, they defrosted three and they were all grade one on transfer day, so one went back and two were wasted. For that reason, I'm going to see if they will just defrost 2 this time, so at least we have potentially 2 more goes. Don't know if they will though. Also tempted to have both put back...

barking horrible news about the dog. I hope he is ok and please give an update later.

Thanks tiger. Can you official Wanger for this thread...?

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