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Fears after cornual ectopic

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Laura751 Tue 28-Apr-15 11:50:50

Hi there,
I've been browsing some old forums but wanted to see if there's anyone out there in my boat at the moment.
I'm currently recovering from laparoscopy 4 days ago for removal of my cornual ectopic and left tube. I would have been 8 weeks at the time of surgery and it took about 10 days from when I first started bleeding to my diagnosis. I'm still a bit in shock about just how much worse things could have been if it had ruptured during this time.
Luckily the surgery went well and they said my remaining tube looks normal. I'm desperate to ttc again when I've healed but also terrified that I'll have another ectopic and lose the other tube.
Does anyone have success stories to make me feel better?
I also just found out yesterday that my best friend is pregnant and we would have been about 3 weeks apart. Life just seems so unfair sometimes! sad

wickedwitchofwaterloo Mon 20-Jul-15 12:05:20

Hello, I don't have any words of success, but wanted to reply as I had a laparoscopy and removal of my right tube a week and a half ago so just wanted to send my hopes that you are healing okay flowers

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