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What does a +ve look like on CBFM pregnancy stick?

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IfYouWereARiverIdLearnToFloat Tue 14-Apr-15 08:09:14

Really looking for some advice please. This morning I used the CBFM pregnancy test sticks as I'm a day late. Got two lines one faint one bold but machine has read it & says I'm not pregnant? I'm assuming one line is a control & the other is hCG? So do I have small amount of hCG and because I'm only D27 of my cycle (I have short cycles) it's not enough to register a +ve on the CBFM or am I really not pregnant? What did your positive test look like?

gakay Tue 14-Apr-15 14:13:46

I'm on the same boat! Saw a very very very faint line this morning (cd26) but not pg on cbfm. But same also happened 3 days ago followed by 2 which only have 1 line.

These test sticks detect hcg with 1 control and 1 hcg like you said. The other possibility of having very very faint line but not pg would be evaporation line.

Anyway, guess we should just test again until AF comes.

Good luck x

IfYouWereARiverIdLearnToFloat Tue 14-Apr-15 18:02:13

Gakay that must be v confusing!

The line I got came up straight away this morning so it had two lines when I put the stick in the CBFM. Don't think an evap line would come up so quick would it? I'm going to test again tomorrow. Good luck!

lamaris Thu 23-Apr-15 08:12:01

I'm also getting a second faint line on my CBAFM pregnancy stick, and a negative on the monitor!
How did things work out for you?

scienceteachergeek Fri 21-Aug-15 18:22:23

Hello. I hope one of you still gets notifications on this thread. I'm in the same position....did any of you get to the bottom of this? Any of you end up with BFPs? I too get the second line but the machine tells me I'm not.

gakay Sat 22-Aug-15 00:14:03

The first time it happened (ie April) it stayed -ve and I stopped having the 2nd line. Then this time same happened and got my BFP the next day. Hope you get your BFP too fx

scienceteachergeek Wed 09-Sep-15 23:11:39

Not had a BFP yet but massive congratulations on yours! What did your BFP stick look like? Did it have a second line or not? Congrats again xxx

gakay Thu 10-Sep-15 09:48:13

science thank you but sadly it ended last week as mc. My BFP had a second line but fainter than control. Not sure if its cos this pg was doomed or its just the way the sticks are, noticed the HCG line got fainter after a period of time (I kept all my tests to compare) although lines on other brands did not faint.

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