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About To Start Trying April/May 2015

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LCDavies127 Thu 09-Apr-15 21:07:40

Hi Everyone,

I am a new sign up to mumsnet. DH and I (yes I have started using the lingo) have decided to start trying next cycle round. I have been tracking my cycles for a year and the are pretty accurate i.e symptoms match etc. Looking to chat to others in the same boat! Ovulating in 3 weeks and very excited to begin the journey!!!
26 years old, living in Edinburgh, CD21 (Missed Aprils ovulation as I want a spring baby is that bad?) First time trying smile

Droflove Thu 09-Apr-15 22:19:23

Good luck! Very exciting timesmile it can happen first time or it might take the average 8 mts or so or maybe longer but it sounds like you are more than halfway there with regular cycles and ovulation.

Lookingforadvice123 Fri 10-Apr-15 08:32:49


I'm newish too, this is our first month (--not using withdrawal method--) officially trying, I'm on cycle day 12 so in my fertile window apparently! My cycles are pretty regular, 28 days ish although I've had one or two 27 days and one 31!

Are you using opks or anything or just getting it on? I'm a natural worrier and obsessor and I really don't want to let it get to me...but I know I will stress if I don't fall pregnant first month! Which is redic, so I'm hoping after the first month it won't be as bad.

I'm 27, based in South Wales. Good luck!

chelle792 Sat 11-Apr-15 07:41:17

Thought I'd jump in too smile

We've decided we are ready to start trying after thinking and talking about it for 4 months. I've had loads of tests at the docs recently and they have said I don't ovulate regularly.

Fingers crossed!!

PedanticTuna Sun 12-Apr-15 20:44:29

Hi, hope you don't mind me joining in here. My husband and I have decided to start trying as of next cycle (missed this month's chance and don't fancy a Christmas baby!)

Quite frankly, we are overwhelmed with the amount of information and advice out there so have decided to mostly ignore it all. I have bought a crate of ovulation tests from Amazon and gave them a go this month.

It's all very exciting but daunting so fingers crossed for everyone on here!

chelle792 Mon 13-Apr-15 11:03:47

We should buddy up. It'd be nice to have someone to chat to about it all smile
I must admit, I feel like I don't know much either and I struggle with all of the acronyms on Mum's net. I feel like I should know more and am very much lacking knowledge!!

I'd be interested to see how the ovulation sticks work PedanticTuna. I'm avoiding buying any because I don't want to highlight to myself that I hardly ever ovulate!

chelle792 Mon 13-Apr-15 11:05:24

Maybe we should do a bit of a buddy up?

I'd be interested to know how the ovulation sticks work for you. I'm too scared to try that as I'll probably be gutted with how little I ovulate!

PedanticTuna Mon 13-Apr-15 15:10:52

I bought the cheapies and after 16 days of testing was ready to jack it in and accept I was totally barren. Or that they all were rubbish. BUT. They do work! It does highlight what a short window of opportunity there is. Give them a go- it's quite interesting.

And it would be lovely to have someone swap notes with and get through the minefield!

chelle792 Mon 13-Apr-15 15:27:13

I am tempted. I read somewhere that by the time you ovulate the window has almost passed so it's better to dtd in the six days leading up to ovulation?

Have you bought any vitamins? I've turned to decaf tea and am really struggling to cut out my odd glass of wine sad

PedanticTuna Mon 13-Apr-15 15:57:26

The pack said it would give you some notice of 24-36 hours but I get the feeling I should have started looking at ovulation about 6 months ago.

I have a pot of folic acid but keep forgetting to take them. Not changing from regular tea and coffee and still drinking as I don't drink a lot anyhow.

That all makes me sound like such a bad person.

chelle792 Mon 13-Apr-15 16:29:25

Ah, that makes sense now! I was wondering how people knew without it being too late to conceive! I feel like such a dummy!! smile

I've been tracking my cycle since Sept. My periods are really really light and I've had blood tests and scans etc. Apparently I havn't got PCOS but might have problems. I can have fertility support after 8months rather than 12. Which is a double edged sword really.

You're a step ahead of me so I wouldn't worry smile I was just going to dtd daily to see what happens!

WestEast Mon 13-Apr-15 16:33:31

Hello ladies.
I'll join up too smile
30, PCOS, ttc#1, first cycle, CD9.

Had my coil out on 2/4/15 and have had a period/withdrawal bleed which is now pale pink spotting with
what I think is CM mixed in. Possibly coming up to ovulation, DP had been briefed on the need for a fair bit of nookie, which he's not exactly displeased about!

Our GP has told us to give it 6 months of trying before they'll refer us to fertility clinic.

chelle792 Mon 13-Apr-15 16:48:38

Welcome WestEast.

So you and me both will be headed to the clinic at similar times! I was tested for PCOS and came out clear so no idea what's happening with me.

How do you feel WestEast?

Lookingforadvice123 Mon 13-Apr-15 16:58:54

What makes you think you might have problems chelle? I ask because my periods have been really light since coming off the pill in August, but the doc didn't seem concerned. My last one was a bit heavier in fairness which makes me hope it's still just my body getting used to being off the pill!

WestEast Mon 13-Apr-15 17:09:07

Right now I'm not thinking about things not working chelle I'm just using the next six months to get as much shagging in whilst tracking my cycle to see if there is any pattern, my periods prior to my coil were all over the shop, but apparently some peoples get more regular once they hit late 20's so I'm hopeful. Plus I've lost 5stone which should help with the balancing of my hormones.

chelle792 Mon 13-Apr-15 17:17:16

Lookingforadvice - My periods are really light and I just don't/rarely get any symptoms any more. It seems to have been a gradual decline over the last few years. I havn't been on the pill for about 5 years now so I don't think that's my problem. Sounds good though - RE your period being heavier!

WestEast, I think that's what I need to do too. Congrats on losing the weight! That's a very impressive amount to lose! smile

DreamingOfOurBaby Mon 13-Apr-15 17:20:20

Hey Ladies

My husband and I are planning to try for a baby this month (cycle I should say but getting used to the terms). I am on cycle day 9 and an beyond excited to start trying.

We have been married nearly 6 years and been together nearly 10 when we met at university. In that time we have travelled, built our careers and bought our dream family home. We were waiting for my maternity pay to kick in (you had to work in the company two years), however that changed a couple of months ago to one year so we are going to start trying as I have been with the firm over a year. Sounds superficial to put it off for my maternity pay, but just wanted to be sensible.

We have always been quite healthy but I have started to change the food in our cupboards a little to include some conception friendly food and also received my vitamins today in the post.

We are keeping this to ourselves as we don't want the pressure from family and friends as they are not expecting us to try until next year. Hence the reaching out to have someone to talk to about this. I have three sisters, of which two are also trying to conceive, but am keeping it from them too as its something I think my husband and I can cherish as our own.

Would love some advise / support / natter!

I am 29, husband is 31 and we are finally ready to start this journey.

Would love some Mumsnet friends along for the journey too smile

DreamingOfOurBaby Mon 13-Apr-15 17:26:03

That is meant to say cycle day 1 (Whoops!!).

I have also ordered some ovulation strip things today. Is there anything specific I should know before using them? Also, scared to use them in case they say I don't reason that would happen as I have no health issues that I know of, but still it all brings it to a realisation.

WestEast Mon 13-Apr-15 17:31:22

Hi Dreaming I've got opk's (the ovulation strips). I managed to wee all over my hand whilst aiming for the washed out glass tub that came with a GU chocolate cheesecake :D it wasn't my classiest moment!

chelle792 Mon 13-Apr-15 17:33:41

WestEast I feel that may be the start of many more indignities to come! wink

Lookingforadvice123 Mon 13-Apr-15 17:35:36

Welcome Dreaming. We're the same in terms of not telling anyone, DH's mum is DESPERATE for a grandchild (it's a big scary how desperate!) and DH's bro actually told her him and his wife were going to start ttc last summer which I thought was a bit weird as what if something doesn't go right? Anyway they had a miscarriage before Christmas and as far as I know aren't expecting another right now. If we told MIL we were trying though she'd be on the phone every other week I reckon, it would be a nightmare and who needs more pressure! I've told my best friend who is currently travelling but that's it - she's more like a sister than a friend. Otherwise it's strictly between us.

Chelle when you say symptoms what do you mean, cervical mucus etc etc?

Well done on the weight loss Beckie!

chelle792 Mon 13-Apr-15 17:41:45

sorry dreaming I skipped the welcome smile A warm welcome to you. Loving our little newly formed thread. I've been procrastinating all day as I'm working reduced hours this week. I too am keeping it a secret.

Looking for advice - my nan is the one who's desperate but she wants us to be married first! Not going to happen as my bro has just announced his engagement and wedding date! We were secretly thinking about a November wedding but don't want to jump on my brother's plans now. We were only planning a Nov wedding so that we could crack on with the TTC part anyway so no great loss.

I stopped getting stomach cramps, tender boobs, being hormonal, periods mostly disappeared... everything. But I did, in Jan, get really bad symptoms all round. Boy did I suffer!! I havn't since but at least I can feel like I had a good cycle in Jan. There's still hope! smile

DreamingOfOurBaby Mon 13-Apr-15 17:43:47

Ah, thanks ladies for the welcome.

WestEast, I actually thought about that when I ordered them!! Good idea about using those free glass ramekins, lol! Will need to find something suitable.

Looking, definitely can do without the pressure. It's actually my twin and my younger sister who are trying at the moment and I don't want the news of us trying to take away from them, if that makes sense. And yes, my husband is an only child therefore my MIL is definitely desperate however after nearly 6 years of marriage she knows we'll do it in our own time.

Is this weird, but in my heart I feel like I'm going to get pregnant after one month. In my head I know that's total rubbish and is likely to take a fair few months. But, just maybe after one month it all could happen for us...this is where I would talk to my sisters and they would tell me to get real. However, is this feeling hope or naivety?

I have a feeling after the first month of trying and if I'm not pregnant, my outlook will be a little more realistic!! Lol

rehomedcitygirl Mon 13-Apr-15 17:46:13

Hi to mumsnet and feels a bit weird to have a reason to post! Moved to the regions, have puppy and bungalow and a very broody I guess its time to crack on!! Came off the pill in September before our wedding and cycles have been pretty regular. Having just had a massive weekend in London it seems that we should start trying tonight...eeeek. need to put hangover to the side and try to feel sexy. Good luck everyone!! Xx

DreamingOfOurBaby Mon 13-Apr-15 17:47:09

Chelle, this is your time to listen to your body and fingers crossed it's giving you all the right signs!!

I really do hope we all get the outcome we are dreaming of smile

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