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Halfway through my TWW and looking for company. Anyone in the same boat?

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ero30 Tue 07-Apr-15 19:55:39

I've still got about a week to go before I can POAS. DH and I have been trying for about 5 months, but I have very irregular cycles so it's all really hard to judge. I usually go about 2 weeks between periods so following that, AF should be due to arrive before the end of this week. But I'm thinking that would be too early to test and am very impatient! I've also been taking agnus castus this month on the advice of a medical friend so I'm feeling tentatively hopeful. Anyone around who wants to wait it out with me and not read too much into every symptom and definitely not take a test every day this week?

Sleepingbunnies Tue 07-Apr-15 19:57:40

Me! I have 2 DDs already but we are desperately trying for number 3. 9 months now sad Am hoping this is the month!

ero30 Tue 07-Apr-15 20:17:01

Excellent! This would be our first, so my symptom watching is pretty much based on google and annoying my sister asking her to tell me everything. When can you test?

hewy Tue 07-Apr-15 21:20:47

I'll join you-poas partners! 2ww is sooooo long. I think I'm 5/6dpo and have min 9 days to go before poas. ttc #1. any distraction strategies? I might start peeing on a lollipop stick, a bit like taking a placebo!

ero30 Tue 07-Apr-15 21:35:32

I'm watching One Born Every Minute. Turns out it's not the best distraction! I'm on a rollercoaster of changing my mind about wanting one in the labour bits and then being desperate when those gorgeous little babies come out.

diamondsparkles Tue 07-Apr-15 22:12:53

Hiya -can I join?
I'm 3 dpo and desperate to start testing so need distracting!!
We are ttc number 2 and this is our 10th month trying and just want it to happen so much!

MissMartin1992 Tue 07-Apr-15 22:32:51

hey! can i join im ttc #1 second cycle of trying... my opk shows the strongest result so far... dtd everyday so far.. its only cycle 2 and im already addicted to opk's and pregnancy tests hehe im driving myself nuts ... good luck everyonethanks grinthanks x

MissMartin1992 Tue 07-Apr-15 22:34:39

oooo me too! ..I've just watched one born! Omg never felt so many mixed emotions shock aww that little baby with the big pom pom hat hehe sooo cute

ero30 Wed 08-Apr-15 07:16:18

Morning, all! One day closer to POAS... I had total panics this morning that DH and I should have dtd a few more times. We only managed three last week as I was away for a couple of nights.

Sleepingbunnies Wed 08-Apr-15 07:26:11

My cycle has been so all over the place but I am fairly sure I am due this week.... I am waiting until Saturday... Well, will try to! I have a good feeling about this month! Good luck everyone! smile

PontyGirl Wed 08-Apr-15 07:57:17

hi ladies! I'm on the pcos thread. I've been taking inositol and seem to have ovulated this month! I'm 3dpo, DTD on day of ovulation and 4 days before so we shall see. I've got my wonderful DD already so feeling a little more chilled this time (she's under 1!)

Sleepingbunnies Wed 08-Apr-15 15:45:41

I am fed up. My mood has plummeted and I have backache so I must be coming on any day sad

Month 10 a failure. Fucking great.

ero30 Wed 08-Apr-15 16:50:06

Don't give up, sleepingbunnies. Early preg symptoms are so similar to AF ones. I've got everything crossed for you! I've been feeling crampy all day and get nervous everytime I wipe (TMI, sorry!) but so far, so clear.

Icklepickle101 Wed 08-Apr-15 19:33:09

Please can I join!!

8/9 dpo and dying to POAS again, going to superdrug tomorrow so I'll have to wait until Friday - I'm a self confessed poas addict��

Sleeping bunnies my mods is quite cranky too, but this can apparently be a good thing so you are not out until the with is here fx for you flowers

ero30 Wed 08-Apr-15 22:01:53

Pontygirl, I was told I have PCOS after a blood test, then a scan said I was clear. One thing I know for sure is that my cycle is bizarre! Fingers crossed that this is going to be my month. My friend who started trying at the same time as me just told me she's 14 weeks. Super happy for her, but also so jealous! confused

ero30 Wed 08-Apr-15 22:36:47

Also, hi icklepickle! Welcome! I went to Boots this morning and bought some tests in the hope that I need them next week. Let's see how many of them actually make it until then. Though didn't realise until after I bought them that 2 are the kind with blue dye, which I have read isn't as reliable. Anyone know anymore about that?

PontyGirl Thu 09-Apr-15 07:30:02

ero tell me about it! I act like I'm not trying now because I can't take those conversations! my scan was clear twice, with cysts once. they come and go I think!

diamondsparkles Thu 09-Apr-15 18:01:46

Hi sleepingbunnies, hope you are feeling okay and the backache didn't mean af. I'm on cycle 10 too so I know how you feel - it's so bloody disappointing month after month.
Hi icklepickle - very impressed at your willpower to wait til tomorrow- let us know! I have no will power whatsoever and as soon as I'd bought those tests I would have been poas!! Fingers crossed for you.
Hi ero - I've heard the blue dyes are more prone to evaps - ie if you read them out the time allowed - but should be fine if you read the result at the time they say
5 dpo here and already feel I'm out this month - hard to be positive sometimes

ero30 Thu 09-Apr-15 21:02:03

I know what you mean about keeping positive, diamond. But I also don't want to let myself feel too excited to avoid jinxing anything. Which logically I know is crazy but after 5 months of this I feel a bit crazy! Anyone else reading novels into every twinge and potential symptom? Mostly I'm constantly hungry/thirsty and feel nauseated all the time. Sleepingbunnies, any updates?

Icklepickle101 Thu 09-Apr-15 21:11:20

I so nearly tested! I did my first morning wee in a bottle and everything so I could use it after I had been to superdrug!! I just don't want to be disheartened by a BFN!

I am so inspired by you ladies that have been ttc for many months, I wish you all the baby dust in the world, I really really do <3

ero30 Thu 09-Apr-15 21:35:06

Wow, saving your wee in a bottle is a pretty impressive level of commitment!

Can I ask a question? Do your DH/DPs know where you are DPO and before you can POAS? I have to admit that I kind of keep my DH in the dark as I think he would think I was nuts! He's loving DTD constantly, but I do the TWW pretty much solo. As well as finding me nuts, I'm worried that he's going to get really discouraged. These message boards are a huge help for me! He also had mumps when he was about 22 and never had his fertility tested after so I think if this isn't our month I'll send him to the GP to see about that.

Icklepickle101 Thu 09-Apr-15 21:43:01

By commitment do you mean "completely crazy poas addict" hmm

Dh doesn't know anything during 2ww, if he asks of course I would tell him but I think it would put strain on our relationship if he knew just how desperate I do become!

haquoi123 Thu 09-Apr-15 21:52:38

Hi everyone, do you mind if I join? We're on month 6 of trying for #2 after late miscarriage in September (DS 19 weeks). I'm in the 2ww, driving me nuts. AF is irregular, so I can't trust any symptoms. Currently got morning sickness flashbacks sad has anyone got any good coping strategies?

Icklepickle101 Thu 09-Apr-15 21:52:59

Is 10dpo still too early?

I 'think' I could hold out a little longer if it increases the chances by much?

Absolutely not symptom spotting but 7dpo I had sharp shooting pains and felt 'off' ever since so thinking this may be good news?

haquoi123 Thu 09-Apr-15 22:03:23

ickle I think every day the LH levels in your pee double every day, so two days can make a big difference. Hope that helps!

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