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No discharge after ovulation week?

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Angel2293 Wed 01-Apr-15 11:06:29

Hi all as the title says - I have finished my ovulation week (Sunday) and have had no vaginal discharge since then...
Is this normal? What could this mean?


MissMalteser Wed 01-Apr-15 17:36:51

Hi angel no advice but I had exactly the same thing this month, lh surge on opks but no ewcm in the days after, i think I am a bfn this month and I am now second guessing whether I even ovulated or not!
I am told some months we don't ovulate but it is just Sod's law on my 1st cycle ttc for me not to confused

MissMalteser Wed 01-Apr-15 21:17:22

Bumping for angel hoping for some evening advice smile

Tinkfromlovejoy Wed 01-Apr-15 21:19:49

No idea, no expert, but loving the use of the word discharge smile

doobeedee Wed 01-Apr-15 21:47:21

EWCM should come leading up to the LH surge. CM should dry up soon after ovulation.

Angel2293 Mon 06-Jul-15 19:06:28

Thanks to everyone who replied. I am now pregnant ��

everythingcrossed2015 Fri 10-Jul-15 14:34:44

Was you pregnant you had no discharge month? congrats smile

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