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Who wants to buddy up?!

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sophiabella Fri 27-Mar-15 20:14:19

Looking for a Mum-to-be to buddy up! I'm TTC number 1 and not had any luck so far, having a couple of months off before we start trying again. x

SaladBeach Fri 27-Mar-15 20:42:57

Hi sophia can I ask why you are waiting a couple of months before ttc again? Have you been ttc for a while?

sophiabella Fri 27-Mar-15 20:51:52

My OH isn't too well so we are waiting until he feels better and we're also using these couple of months to really save up too then will start trying in May/June smile

MissMartin1992 Fri 27-Mar-15 21:38:22

ill be your buddy! im also ttc #1 grin

CuppaSarah Sat 28-Mar-15 06:49:38

I'm TTC number 2 right now and not having any luck. I tried the buses but found them way to busy to keep up with. I would love some TTC buddies.

E11Chick Sat 28-Mar-15 07:44:23

Hi all,

I'm a newbie to mumsnet. Me and my oh are getting married in 3 months so we will be ttc #1 then smile having been engaged for almost two years and being broody for the whole time I can't wait to start! We've been together for 8 years so feel that the time is right to start a family soon. It's been hard watching friends and family have babies over the past two years knowing we were waiting until after the wedding!

So.....I'd really appreciate some ttc buddies in the the near future smile

firsttimenewbie Sat 28-Mar-15 09:02:12

I am another newbie! Going to start TTC number 1 in 2 months. We are getting married in a couple of week. Been terribly broody for a LONG time so am very excited!
Would be lovely to have some buddies!

sophiabella Sat 28-Mar-15 19:47:43

Oooo exciting lots of us who are going t obe trying soon! I really hope it works out for us all!

How are your wedding plans coming along? xx

Issie339 Sat 28-Mar-15 20:26:49

Hi! Can I join? Ttc no2 at the moment, next cycle will be my 6th trying so really really hoping it will happen soon, I got pregnant a lot quicker with no1 so feeling very frustrated!!

How exciting, lots of weddings coming up as well as (hopefully) babies!

sophiabella Sat 28-Mar-15 21:28:33

Hi did it happen quickly with your first? What age gap will you have? I'm hoping it works quickly with us but i have been reading lots of threads which suggests it may take much longer!

Issie339 Sat 28-Mar-15 22:00:33

Hi Sophiabella, it was about 3 cycles with our first but we were pretty relaxed about it all. We've been trying to time it all right each month this time and still no joy, sigh. I know it's not been a long time really but it feels it! Haha, impatient! My little girl is nearly 2. Have you been trying for long?

StellaAlpina Sat 28-Mar-15 23:45:51

Ooh me too please!

(Feels more real now that I've announced it to the internet)

CuppaSarah Sun 29-Mar-15 08:27:04

My little girl is just over 2 and she was a lovely surprise as we weren't trying but weren't preventing. We were even timing intercourse to avoid pregnancy. We've been trying since September for number 2 though. I had a weird mega cycle that lasted 3 months though, so not as many cycles as it should have been.

I can't wait to hear about these weddings, we started TTC just after our wedding! Also anyone else here temping? Because I was due to ovulate last night and daylight savings fucked my chart so hard I don't know if I got a temp spike or not!

Issie339 Sun 29-Mar-15 09:58:40

Cuppasarah sounds like we're similar then.

I'm not temping, have been using the ovulation sticks for the last 5 cycles but don't think I'm going to bother this month. New strategy is to dtd every 2 days for the middle 2 weeks of my cycle (optimistic with a toddler!)

CuppaSarah Sun 29-Mar-15 12:15:36

We do sound like we're in a similar position. We tried the every other day thing, but after a month with no ovulation I caved and got opks, I just could not be arsed with all that sex any more! Going for our fourth night in a row tonight. I am knackered! Thank goodness our daughter is a good sleeper or I'd never cope with this TTC lark!! More sex than we had as teenagers.

Issie339 Sun 29-Mar-15 14:51:35

Fourth night in a row is dedication! Our dtd-marathon starts on April 2nd...might do opks as well though, just to be sure...not that I'm obsessing (much)!!

Does anyone know much about caffeine while ttc? I'm a coffee lover but have cut back to just 1 a day (size medium from Costa/Nero or similar), could this still effect chances of conception? I didn't cut coffee out last time, had a way more stressful job at the time than I do now too and wasn't trying too hard at ttc but it seemed to work. Seems like a total lottery to me!

firsttimenewbie Sun 29-Mar-15 15:04:59

Ah so lvoely there are a few of us in the same position.
I have a gut feeling that it might take me quite a while to fall pregnant. Dont really know why but I am sure of it. We have been together 8 years, havent exactly been careful and no accidents (although I know that doesnt mean much.
Fly to Cyprus a week today for wedding. Then 3 weeks honeymoon and then FINALLY start TTC. More excited about that then wedding and honeymoon!!

sophiabella Sun 29-Mar-15 15:30:51

We tried for 2 months at the beginning of the year with no luck. We cut out alcohol but my OH would have a caffeine drink before DTD a we've read that it can help stimulate everything. It's not worked though! We stopped trying for this month and will start again in June as my OH is recovering from illness and by June he should be better and we can start timing everything again! It's all I'm thinking about, I'm obsessed already!

sophiabella Sun 29-Mar-15 15:31:47

You could get a honeymoon baby smile

firsttimenewbie Sun 29-Mar-15 16:35:33

Ah hope you have more luck this time. You must be getting really excited now. Hope your OH gets better soon!
Unfortunately there wont be any honeymoon babies. I will be scuba diving and on anti-malarials...... which dont really mix with pregnancy!
But the day we return- let the dtd-marathon commence!

sophiabella Sun 29-Mar-15 16:44:04

Bet youre counting down the days! I am, i never realised how impatient i could be until now!!

CuppaSarah Sun 29-Mar-15 16:46:45

You lot that are waiting have my respect! Its so hard to wait when you really want it. Let's hear about these weddings then! I love a good wedding!

Also those of you who do opks anyone have any advice. Four days ago got a positive opk, stayed positive for 2 days, negative yesterday, negative this morning. This afternoon I got a positive again! And ovulation pain. My temp jumped up this morning indicating ovulation, but at the same time daylight savings messed up the timing and reliability. Shall I make it five nights in a row?

Issie339 Sun 29-Mar-15 18:04:12

I'm pretty sure your body can gear up to ovulate then not actually do it but then ovulate a few days later. As the opk only senses the change in hormones in your body it would read the 'gearing up to ovulate' as a positive. Alternatively, you can ovulate twice in 1 month, that's how you get non-identical twins smile Either way, I think you should make it 5 nights in a row to be safe.

sophiabella Sun 29-Mar-15 18:31:50

It's all so complicated though isn't it as some people say don't do it every night as that can lessen the quality of the sperm and that every other night is best so if you do miss a night don't worry too much smile xx

Issie339 Sun 29-Mar-15 18:52:57

It's sooo complicated!! You spend your whole life trying not to get pregnant and it's not until you actually want to get pregnant that you realise how difficult it actually is!!

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