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Losing weight while TTC??

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ready4motherhood Sun 29-Oct-06 12:13:33

I could do with losing some weight but obviously TTC is my main focus! I have counted points to lost weight in the past, and always find it works for me. Was wondering if anyone knows if that is ok/safe to do while TTC and how many points would be a sensible total??

Sorry if this is a bit vague. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great.

ready4motherhood Sun 29-Oct-06 12:14:11

that should say "to lose weight" oops.

Mum2FunkyDude Sun 29-Oct-06 12:25:56

It is more important to eat the correct food rather than calorie count.

I would suggest swapping refined carbs for more fruit and veg and swap breads and pastas for brown rice and wholemeal products. Also you want to take folic acid daily. Also try and cut down on wrong fats and swap them for good ones like, nuts, avo, olive oil and good proteins like low fat cheeses, yogurts, fish, lean pork etc.


ready4motherhood Sun 29-Oct-06 14:25:51

I have never calorie counted as such, weight watchers points system allows you to have plenty of no point foods rather than a rigid diet. I don't have vast amount to lose... about 6-7lbs really. I have a basically healthy diet (all the things you suggested is what I already eat - but I allow myself too much of everything if I am not actively maintaining a goal weight) Does that make sense?????

I don't think I am explaining myself very well

Mum2FunkyDude Sun 29-Oct-06 14:36:44

I would suggest upping some exercise then, it will help you maintain, especially good for you if you can get relatively fit before conceiving.

ready4motherhood Sun 29-Oct-06 15:12:29

That's the other thing... I usually do Davina McCall's Cardio Box 3 times a week, but since TTC (2nd month now) I have been concerned that it is too strenuous during the 2ww, and have stopped doing it (hence putting on a few lbs!) Do you think I'm being too cautious?? The cardio box has me bouncing around all over the place, lots of kicking and jumping. Or do you think that will be ok?? Sorry for all the questions... and thank you for your advice!!

pigletlib Tue 31-Oct-06 13:23:58

I do the Davina workouts too and am just new to this but planning to still do them but maybe not quite at 100% effort. I run as well, and plan to keep that up as my sister did when she was pregnant. i've always been told just not to get too hot when exercising, and if you do feel yourself getting hot - drink water and slow down or stop till you cool down again

Fingerscrossed2007 Mon 19-Feb-07 22:35:30

I'd really like to lose about half a stone (or two halves if lucky) but I don't want to compromise my chances of concieving. Any tips?

Ready Tue 20-Feb-07 10:46:16

Fingerscrossed, I think the thing to do is carry on exercising as normal, although I'd always say nothing too strenuous , and don't do any crash diet type things, just eat as healthy and balanced as you can. Cut out the fatty sugary lovely treats where possible. Slow and sensible weight loss is better than losing it all really quickly as you won't sustain the loss as easy.

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readyandwaiting Tue 20-Feb-07 13:06:05

don't be too cautious about exercising unless you have a medical reason to take it easy in pg - with ds i was swimming training twice a week until wk 38 and he came a week later - childbirth is an absolute marathon, you need to be fit, i was pushing for 2.5hours and reckon the only reason dh had any conviction in saying no to intervention was that ds heart rate was fine and he knew i had the stamina - was very proud of myself as out of hospital in 6 hours wouldn't have been if they'd given me the spinal block!

good exercise and balanced diet is the way forward

softmusk Tue 20-Feb-07 18:36:55

when i was trying for dd1 i wanted to lose weight but more importantly get healthly for my baby to be and as soon as i did this i fell pregnnt after 10 months of trying

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