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TTC after MC #5

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Bristolian1 Wed 18-Mar-15 11:41:04

New thread!
This thread pretty much does what it says on the tin...
Shall we start with some stats?
I'm 32, TTC since last Jan, 2x MMC last year and on second cycle of trying again.

MrsConfusion Wed 18-Mar-15 12:03:49

Marking place. Thanks for new thread bristolian.

I'm 35, one DD, Ttc #2 since Jan 2014, mc1 @ 13 weeks Aug 14 (ERPC), mc2 @ 7 weeks Nov 14 (natural), mc3 @ 6-7 weeks Mar 15 (ectopic, surgery, lost right tube). Trying to screw up courage to think about ttc again.

MelonMelon Wed 18-Mar-15 12:18:11

Thanks for new thread smile re: OPKS I've got a pack of 10 and am doing them every day, started on Monday which was CD10. Roll on smiley face!

Romeolovesjuliet Wed 18-Mar-15 12:59:39

Checking in - thanks for the new thread.
epskie if solid smiley DTD today and tomorrow, if flashing (clearblue dual) DTD every other day until you get solid then DTD day of solid and say after. Good luck!
My stats are 34, 1 DD and 1 DS. Mmc Jan 15, also mmc April 2011. This is first cycle of trying again.
5 dpo here and so far managing to stay calm...(!)

epskie Wed 18-Mar-15 13:31:43

Thanks guys :-) I've been testing every day since my D and C three weeks ago. My mc started on 21st December so I had literally no idea where my cycle was at. First smiley today and I'm over the moon.

I only have the ones that show a smiley or a O. I'm intending to dtd every day from now til Tuesday, that should do it, right?

mrsdiddlydoo Wed 18-Mar-15 13:39:08

Fingers crossed this one is as lucky as the last. Lots of bfps please. Thanks for the new thread bristolian

34, TTC #2 since Oct 13. mc1 was natural @ 10 wks April 14, mc2 was horrific followed by erpc @ 11+5 wks Nov 14. Month off to have nk cells tested at Coventry and on cd5 now hoping for a successful cycle this month. Got progesterone to take from CD 20 and should be recommended at least heparin once my results come back, steroids as well if nk cells are above normal.

mrsC are you thinking about TTC straight away? Hope you are feeling ok. Do you know what's happening next with your referral to rmc clinic? Will it take long?

Sounds like you'll be busy the next few days epskie wink

cake all round x

Yokyil Wed 18-Mar-15 14:16:03

Coming 30 this year - natural MC in January 15 on our first month of trying for out first lil bean approx 5.5wks. This is our first month of trying again since wink

CarrotPuff Wed 18-Mar-15 15:47:31

Thanks for starting new thread Bristolian!

I'm 29, one 16mo DS, TTC since July 2014, natural mc in Jan 2015 @ 8 weeks.

Having second AF now, just waiting for it to finish...

MimiDoddrioni Wed 18-Mar-15 18:24:24

Thanks for the new thread Bristolian.

I'm 35, been ttc #1 since December 2013. MMC1 @11wks in September 2014, MMC 2 @ 5 wks in March 2015. Not sure I'm ready to start ttc again but have bought 34 pg tests off eBay this week confused!

Allthequeenshorses Wed 18-Mar-15 18:49:34

Thanks bristolian. Good evening all.

I'm 32, nearly 33, ttc#1 since may 2013. Mc 1 March 2014, mc 2 September 2014. Desperately ttc this month and even using clear blue smileys which is a first for me. Not seeming to get any smileys but have got lines on cheaply sticks from amazon. Not like I'm obsessing about it or anything. blush. Apt gp next week regarding length of time have been trying. Previously had bloods etc following mcs which were all fine.

Ofcoursemummy Wed 18-Mar-15 19:51:30

Hi everyone,
I'd like to join after following the last thread, but not feeling ready to post etc, hope that's ok?!
I'm 34, 1DD (nearly 3), trying to conceive #2 since aug 14, MMC discovered at 14 week scan in Nov, had stopped growing at about 9 weeks.
Never posted on the TTC board before, but I think I could do with some handholding and you all seem like a friendly and supportive bunch, sadly with so much in common. Fingers crossed for us all.

maverick79 Wed 18-Mar-15 20:48:37

Hi x I'm 35, mc 1 at 6w4d July 2014, mc2 at 8w4d Feb 2015. AF just gone, started back on cb dual today.

MelonMelon Wed 18-Mar-15 21:09:25

<waves to newbies> Hello ladies. It's shite that we're all here. I've got a lot invested in this cycle as my next AF is due in 2nd April which is when my due date was sad

VixxFace Wed 18-Mar-15 21:21:03

Hi, I wasnt on the other threads, is it okay to join?

Miscarriage in 2012 at 10 weeks. Ttc dc1 and officially on cycle 15 . Will be starting clomid next month and have ivf booked for September so crossing everything that I will conceive before then!

epskie Thu 19-Mar-15 07:04:59

Hi to the newbies, so sorry to hear of your losses (((hugs))) You're in the right place though, this board has been my lifeline since my mc in december!

I have a little bit of an embarrassing question. We've never really ttc before (as in use opks etc) but this time we are. I got my smiley face on my opk yesterday so I sent dh a pic of it saying 'time to get shagging'

So last night we went to bed and it felt a little forced!! I know that sounds ridiculous but I really felt it and I'm sure he did to! Has anybody else experienced this? And also any tips to spice it up a bit more tonight so it doesn't feel like that again? Sorry I know it's totally embarrassing x

MrsConfusion Thu 19-Mar-15 08:48:43

Welcome newbies, so sorry you have to join us flowers but you've found the most supportive, knowledgable and funny board on here!

Epskie, no need for embarrassment love, we've all been there! Weird and horrid feeling, sometimes I'm just willing him to finish blush. Personally I try not to let him know too obviously that it's time, although of course he works it out when I suddenly start with the 'damn you're sexy' lines... I find it extra hard when avoiding sone of our favourite positions as they're not optimal for, um, 'delivery'. I'd just say get creative, mutter dirty thoughts at him and go for it. Good luck!!

Romeolovesjuliet Thu 19-Mar-15 13:10:35

Welcome to the newbies flowers
epskie I don't have any advice as I am terrible - I just tell DH when it's time, maybe offer him a bribe or two if he's not too up for it (usually involving a lie in!). He does understand though that we only have a limited window so is usually pretty obliging!

kep1979 Thu 19-Mar-15 16:49:07

Marking my place here.

I'm 36, 2 x ds (10&8), ttc #3 since Jan 2012 (first for DH). MC 15/3/15 @ 6+2. Have pcos and dh has mfi, so told ICSI only option - so last BFP a miracle. Getting ready to get back on the bus as soon as hormones have returned to normal - hopefully by end of next week at rate they're dropping.

epskie we have tha problem from time to time - both of us sometimes feel like we are doing our duty. oddly enough finding out we had no chance without icsi menat that we got back to some good old shagging for the sake of it, and I do wonder if that helped?

epskie Thu 19-Mar-15 17:04:04

Thanks ladies. I'm going to try a different approach tonight - a dirty movie in bed!

Just another question (sorry) did any body else have a particularly uncomfortable ovulation after their miscarriage? My lower abdomen is quite uncomfortable and I have an aching breast sad

honeypie1 Thu 19-Mar-15 18:14:30

I am new here (even I read in often when I had questions but never took part ;()

We are trying since August 2012 for our 2nd. I am 38 and had 2 mc April 13 7th week and June 14 between at around 11th week.

@epskie: Yes my first ovulation after 2nd mc was horrendous. I was in agony for a week. Felt like strong period pains and believe me I know what strong period pains mean (including fresh blood -never bleed around Ovulation otherwise)

Yokyil Thu 19-Mar-15 18:38:03

It's messed me up too epskie--2nd AF since mc over more than a week ago, yet I'm still getting period like cramps which never happens, and just general soreness/uncomfy feeling down low on my abdomen! Should be ovulating today...i think! So mixed with a wee bit of spotting when I wipe just to top off the whole thing! I feel broke sad

MelonMelon Thu 19-Mar-15 18:39:01

I'm halfway through my fertile week and I positive opk yet. Starting to worry sad

MelonMelon Thu 19-Mar-15 18:39:28

*Haven't had a positive opk

MelonMelon Thu 19-Mar-15 18:47:04

Epskie can't remember my first ov but my first AF (took 4 months to return) was horrid

Romeolovesjuliet Thu 19-Mar-15 20:27:01

melon I ov'd 3 days later than normal in this cycle (first after mc)

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