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Egg freezing

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Sunny2015 Wed 18-Mar-15 10:37:39

Hi there
Has anyone frozen eggs and after time, used them successfully?
If so, are you able to recommend the best place to go in order to freeze eggs?

Thank you!

mumhum Wed 18-Mar-15 19:43:23

How long are you talking about? I am 37 weeks pregnant from a frozen embryo/day 5 blastocyst which had been frozen for 8 months. I had IVF at The Bridge Clinic in London.

Sunny2015 Thu 19-Mar-15 09:56:22

Thank you so much! As I am single, want a baby and about to hit the big 40, I understand that freexing will buy me time. At this stage, I was also looking for clinic recommendations. Congratulations, you are almost a mum!

mumhum Thu 19-Mar-15 11:07:14

DS1 is 4 and we struggled to conceive him. As I was already a Mum, this ruled me out of IVF on the NHS in my area. Longed for sibling is nearly here. The Bridge were very approachable, they should offer you a free initial consultation and give you price indications for egg storing and freezing. My fertilised eggs were frozen at age 39 so your eggs may also be just fine for a few years yet. There's a simple blood test any clinic can run to tell you what your egg reserves and quality looks like, ask for this to be done.

NotSpartacus Thu 19-Mar-15 11:12:51

Very few babies have bern born in the
UK from frozen eggs (something like 20?). The success rates are very low, which is not to say you shouldn't do it, but you should be aware it might not get you what you want. If you freeze embryos (rather than eggs) your odds of success are much higher.

thesaurusgirl Thu 19-Mar-15 12:46:54

I'm in the same boat - single and longing for a child - so I really wish you didn't have to hear this, but you have left it too late to have your eggs frozen.

I found, when doing my research, that the cut-off age is 35, and in many clinics it's 32. They can and do make exceptions (for people with cancer, for example), but as someone has posted above, the success rate from these eggs is exceptionally poor and many reputable clinics don't offer the freezing of unfertilised eggs at all for this reason.

If you can access donated sperm (from a sperm bank, or a known donor), you could have IVF, and then have any resulting embryos frozen, although normally you'd be expected to have at least one embryo transferred immediately. The success rate of IVF is also poor, and it's expensive. The majority of women aged 35+ need 3 cycles and that can easily cost £30k. If you can afford this, get treatment immediately. Most NHS trusts will offer one free cycle of IVF, but the cut-off is 42 and the waiting list is long.

Having said that, if you have established you're both physically and hormonally fertile (so had all the blood tests and a dye scan), you may find you're fertile for a lot longer than the medical statistics would suggest. I know many women who have had natural pregnancies right up until the age of 45. One day I hope to join their number, and I hope you will too.

mumhum Thu 19-Mar-15 14:10:34

NotSpartacus is right, babies from frozen eggs (as opposed to fertilised eggs, i.e. embryos) are rare but the methods are improving, see

A lot depends on the quality of your eggs, get the ovarian reserve test done, it was about £60 for me.

thesaurusgirl, the success rate of IVF is not universally poor. I had one fresh cycle at age 39: the fresh transfer failed and 4 x day 5 blastocysts were frozen. 2 FETs failed but the 3rd took and will be born any time soon. Cost will depend on your individual needs for hormones and drugs, but I spent around £12k to get pregnant (and I needed high doses of some of the stuff you have to take).

Check out the HFEA success rates for clinics you are interested in. Ok I am one of the lucky 20% at age 39 but someone has to be. Go in to it all with your eyes open.

miamiaMo Sat 29-Aug-15 15:20:17

thesaurusgirl and NotSpartacus thank you. That is a piece of info I have been searching for my friend. She is almost 40 and decided to freeze her eggs. A fertility clinic (Poland) does ivf all inclusive egg freezing programme for 1 500 Euro and she is going to schedule a visit. For sure I share the info with her.

kateleahy78 Mon 12-Oct-15 21:45:25

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

FitAsAButchersDog Mon 12-Oct-15 22:33:59

If I were you I would travel abroad to the Gennet clinic in Prague and pay for embryo donation. Very high chance of success as the best young eggs and sperm have been used to make those embryos.

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