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Inositol success stories?

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AbFab86 Tue 17-Mar-15 13:08:16

I've just been prescribed inositol as I have PCOS coupled with type 1 diabetes. I've done a bit of reading up about it but don't know much. Does anyone have any experience or even better, any success stories when taking it?

Rufus200 Tue 17-Mar-15 17:41:23

I'm on month 4 and cycle 3 of taking 1000mg of Inositol twice daily. I love it! It has completely changed my metabolism. I've had loads of comments from people saying have I been on a diet. I haven't changed my diet at all but lost loads of body fat! I will continue taking it when I get my BFP as PCOS suffers have been shown to have higher risk of miscarriage due to their abnormal glucose metabolism. I contacted Prof Greene who is doing a study at the moment in pregnant women and he said it is safe.

AbFab86 Tue 17-Mar-15 18:02:04

Hi Rufus! That's great to hear, you must be thrilled with the results! Has it has any effect on your cycle? I'm taking it with agnus castus so I'm hoping to at least have a cycle! Currently on day 99 hmm

Rufus200 Tue 17-Mar-15 22:38:32

My cycles are still varied but the longest I've had is 45 days. Last month I'm pretty sure I ovulated multiple times, as had LH surge when AF was due and had ovulation pain 3 times each a week apart (all right ovary). AF was 9 days late from 1st ovulation. I only realised what was going on too late so only DD for the 1st one and obviously didn't catch. The later ovulations were all silent other then the ovary pain and the LH surge on OPK but no physical signs.

Good luck

AbFab86 Wed 18-Mar-15 05:12:58

Thank you! Did OPKs work for you then with PCOS? The reason I ask it I ordered some, then heard they didn't work with PCOS, used one anyway and it had a faint positive, disregarded it, used another yesterday and it was whiter than white. My temperature has also gone up this morning so I'm thinking I may have actually finally ovulated a couple of days ago?

Rufus200 Wed 18-Mar-15 11:44:00

I have never had a positive with cheap OPKs, I get lines but even with morning wee they aren't stronger then the other line. So if there is any line at all I use that as I'm ovulating as rest of the cycle I have no line. CB I have had positives.

This cycle got LH surge on CD12 with CB and cheap OPKs, wasn't 100% convinced I ovulated so started testing again yest, today CD17 had another LH surge. So I'm just going for it but WTF my body is up to I don't know! I don't temp as I have very broken sleep and get up a lot in the night.

Mrsk0305 Tue 12-May-15 22:40:18

Hi, I am wondering if any of you are taking inositol with metformin?
Sorry I'm not up to speed on all the abbreviations yet so bare with me!
We saw a specialist back at the end of November as TTC for nearly 2 years. I have PCOS and according to specialist I need to loose 3 stone. Being on metformin and exercise has helped me loose 22lbs so far and I seem to be keeping it off....due back to see specialist at end of July...fingers crossed. My cycles have become a lot more regular (21-35 compared to 60+)so am hopeful of good news one of these months! One doctor suggested getting a fertility monitor, which we did and the first month I had a positive reading, but the next 2 I had heightened readings but never positive for ovulation.
I keep reading good things about inositol so just wanted to maybe give it a go.
Thanks and good luck to all!

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