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anyone else in the 2ww but absolutely not symptom spotting this time?

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temperamentalamongcorvids Mon 16-Mar-15 07:44:42

Last month I drove myself nuts with symptom spotting and early poas. I had every sign and symptom going and was convinced I was pregnant. Luckily I kept a list of all my many symptoms on a calendar so this time if necessary I can remind myself that pms has all the same same features as early pregnancy.
I'm determined not to test until 23rd, as I think I should come on then if I'm going to, must stay strong!! Anyone want company in ignoring the whole thing?!

Sleepybunny Mon 16-Mar-15 11:59:01

I'll join you! After realizing that high progesterone levels give pregnancy symptoms and that progesterone is conveniently high just before a period, I'm ready to quit symptom spotting.

Proudmummy2456 Mon 16-Mar-15 12:02:43

I'll join you its my first month TTC after having the copper coil removed. Trying so hard not to symptom spot!

Oysterbabe Mon 16-Mar-15 12:05:24

Me me me!!!
I've promised myself that I will not test early ever again and that any symptoms are probably just normal parts of my cycle, like they were last month!
An early test achieves nothing in the vast majority of cases, makes you feel depressed but still doesn't extinguish hope as you tell yourself it's too early.

I do solemnly swear that I will not test before the day AF is due.
Oysterbabe smile

Sleepybunny Mon 16-Mar-15 12:44:16

Haha! I like the pledge oyster! I'm planning to test on the 20th if no AF by then.
So hard not to symptom spot! I've had horrible heartburn every night this week which I never get! When is everyone else testing?

Oysterbabe Mon 16-Mar-15 12:53:45

28th for me.

temperamentalamongcorvids Mon 16-Mar-15 13:12:00

Precisely, sleepy. I had all my usual pg symptoms last month, including nausea and dizziness, insomnia, and feeling hot. AF arrived bang on time and I couldn't believe it. How stupid.

I'll take your pledge too, oyster

sleepy only 4 days to go. What are you doing to distract yourself?

proud any idea when Af testing is due or is it still mysterious after the coil removal?

Sleepybunny Mon 16-Mar-15 13:21:52

I'm planning to distract myself by latching furiously onto you lovely ladies! grin that and maybe knitting.
Is this everyone's first rodeo? I have a DD already.

fuzzywuzzy Mon 16-Mar-15 13:28:44

Can I join to please, I'm driving myself crazy too, I also had dizziness and being sick right before last AF, was so down when I came on a little later than normal.

I'm due around 25th.

Proudmummy2456 Mon 16-Mar-15 15:30:29

My period is due on the 24th so got a while before I can test. I have done a few tests already I couldn't help myself blush my boobs are really tender but I'm trying to ignore them. Quite hard really when I've got a 4 year old jumping on me!

Woolly84 Mon 16-Mar-15 15:59:36

Oo good idea temperamental I'm in! Just about to start TWW and I also noted down "symptoms" from the first month of TTC and it works very well as a deterrent to symptom spotting! grin

temperamentalamongcorvids Mon 16-Mar-15 20:32:13

woolly I checked back to last month and at exactly this stage I had sore boobs, nausea and insomnia, just as I do now.
Basically I'm assuming I'm premenstrual and if I turn out to be pregnant it will be a nice surprise.

Amara123 Mon 16-Mar-15 20:38:40

Ha exactly this! I has two particularly bad 2ww and now know symptom spotting is completely useless for aforementioned reasons! My period is due on Thursday and I will not be tempted to test before Friday, I am ignoring any twinges in the uterus area! Early testing is where madness lies I am now convinced. ;)

Woolly84 Mon 16-Mar-15 20:47:23

Agree Amara it is where the madness lies!! Good on you for holding out until Friday! :-)
temperamental I get exactly those symptoms just before AF too, I just hadn't paid as much notice to them before TTC! Those sneaky rising progesterone levels can play havoc with your mind...

Scarlet2015 Mon 16-Mar-15 20:48:52

I'm three days late... Feel a bit sick but could be a bug. Threw up 20 times on Sunday after drinking red wine. Not usually late????

Woolly84 Mon 16-Mar-15 20:53:41

Hi Scarlet I'd do a test pronto - good luck! :-) hope you feel better soon either way!

temperamentalamongcorvids Mon 16-Mar-15 21:53:50

scarlet 3 days late is a valid time to test!

bbw84 Tue 17-Mar-15 09:32:38

Count me in! First time TTC and only in 2nd cycle - still getting used to having periods again after many years without so can't tell yet what means my AF's on the way and what might mean something else!!

Have made my DH hide all my tests until after AF is due as I have literally zero self control.

Good luck to all of you!! x

ps sorry for rubbish username, I know they recommend not using random letters but I drew a total blank when trying to pick something. Will change it asap!

gakay Tue 17-Mar-15 09:47:46

I hope you won't kick me out...
Am CD24. Last month was a 25 days cycle and the 2 b4 were 28 days. TTC no 1 but have had 2 MC end of last year.
Am on a trial which means I have to poas everyday from CD16! It's horrible to see all the "not pregnant" every morning. I'm trying to stay hopeful and tell myself it's still too early but at the same time telling myself it's not happening to avoid disappointment. Hate tww!

lilyb84 Tue 17-Mar-15 09:51:43

gakay So sorry to hear about your 2 MC, and how stressful to have to go through that during your TWW sad

Fingers crossed for you x

temperamentalamongcorvids Tue 17-Mar-15 10:22:59

hello gakay that sounds rubbish, what's the trial? Ttc is so loaded after mc, you have my sympathy.

lilyb84 Tue 17-Mar-15 10:44:02

This is my new username btw (formerly bbw84)!

Woolly84 Tue 17-Mar-15 10:59:56

Hi lily and gakay! smile
lily good idea getting DH to hide the tests!
gakay oh that must be rubbish having to test everyday, just remember it's not common to get early BFPs and try and stay positive- easier said than done I know!!

temperamentalamongcorvids Tue 17-Mar-15 14:20:41

lily hello. I've hidden my tests somewhere inaccessible so I have plenty of time to repent if I go looking for them. Can't ask DP to do it as he'd know I was obsessing and we've agreed to take a relaxed approach!

Sleepybunny Tue 17-Mar-15 15:14:58

Amara are we Friday testing buddies!? Yippee!
I have no tests in the house, also have no self control

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