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Ainat266 Sun 15-Mar-15 14:25:33

Are there any other ladies out there trying to conceive with PCOS? Or any success stories of conceiving with PCOS?

We've been ttc and off of bc since August. Since then I've been diagnosed with PCOS and put on Metformin. I am overweight, especially for my height as I'm only short - but am trying to lose the weight. I'm almost at a 10% weight loss since getting the PCOS diagnosis in November 14. I haven't had any periods since coming off of bc in August 14, apart from what I'm guessing was a withdrawal bleed (that happened pretty much straight away - end of August) and a couple of very light bleeds that lasted no longer than a day.

I'm just feeling all a bit fed up now and think I need to hear from others that are either in a similar boat or have been able to have healthy normal pregnancies despite the PCOS.

HopeFull28 Sun 15-Mar-15 21:24:06

Hi Op I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was a teenager and told I had a very low chance of concieving. I was overweight and went 4-6mths without AF not on pill or anything, I lost the weight and had no symptoms of PCOS although it's obviously still there I've had regular AF's since getting to my ideal weight and after 4mths of TTC I am currently 5wks+2 upduffed, and keeping our fingers crossed all goes well.
There is hope.. Best of luck to you flowers

PontyGirl Sun 15-Mar-15 22:20:11

hi op. I have pcos.

bottom line is this: lose as much weight as you can. exercise if you can. chart temperatures if you can. have sex at least every 3 days.

this is basically it in a nutshell! I had v irregular periods, did the above, conceived dd and am currently trying for no2.

do not feel hopeless. and also enquire with your best female doc about provera to make your period come and to get this show on the road. I've just finished at course after not having a period for 3 months, my doc won't let me go any longer than that without having one.

good luck. chin up

PontyGirl Sun 15-Mar-15 22:22:39

and also I know lots of women who have children and have pcos! it is not all bleak, though I do appreciate sometimes it feels absolutely shit

Yas1 Sun 15-Mar-15 23:00:02

I too have PCOS. I have 2 children now. Ask your dr to prescribe metformin the medication for diabetes. I took that for some months and to have my daughter took clomid. She was conceived. For my son I took the metformin for a few months and didn't have to take the clomid. I did loose about 15kg also before having my daughter.

AbFab86 Mon 16-Mar-15 08:38:48

I'm TTC and I've had PCOS since I was a teenager. I have been on metformin for 12 years now (I also have type 1 diabetes, the medical anomaly that I am hmm). I came off the pill early December and have not had a period since. I have been temping to no avail - my chart looks like a mountain range - and I'm pretty sure I'm not ovulating at all.

I have an appointment with the gynaecologist tomorrow to discuss our options. I am hoping I'll be able to go on clomid. I'm also worried about going too long without AF because of the links to cervical cancer etc. On the plus side, I've heard of a LOT of success stories about conceiving with PCOS grin So I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'm one of those!

It'd be great to have people to talk to about the journey. People without PCOS don't seem to understand that it won't 'just happen' for us. Or it's unlikely to anyway.

So here are my stats!
AbFab, TTC #1, cycles don't exist, 28 smile

PontyGirl Mon 16-Mar-15 09:32:16

AbFab - ask about provera to force a bleed. my gp specialises in all things gynae related and won't let any of her patients go 3 months without a bleed. it is endometrial (can't spell it) cancer that I'm told it is linked with, though this isn't common and nothing to worry about generally.

AbFab86 Mon 16-Mar-15 10:55:30

Ah is that what it is? I don't know why I had cervical cancer in my head. I know when I was on the pill originally I was told you should aim to have at least 4 periods a year so I guess that ties in with that. As far as I can gather, I don't think you can go on clomid before being 'flushed out' (so to speak!) with something like provera first.

I'm hoping that tomorrow she'll do a scan (it's all private health where I live so they're very quick with getting you in for scans etc, very thankfully!) and suggest provera then clomid. Failing that, my agnus castus arrived yesterday so I will start on that to see if it has any effect.

Has anyone had any success with agnus castus or is it another one of those things that don't work for people with PCOS (like OPKs, which I found out just after I ordered a load of them!).

Essexgirlupnorth Mon 16-Mar-15 11:04:42

I have PCOS took me 16 months to conceive my DD my cycles were 60-90 days but also lost 1 and a half stone which regulated my cycles down to 28-35 days and conceived naturally. Had just be to the fertility clinic to have tests done when I got my BFP.
I did slimming world to loose weight but find what works for you.
Angus castes is suppose to help but you are only suppose to take it up to ovulation so be careful.
I know plenty of friends with PCOS that have conceived one has three children now after being told she couldn't have any.

Roxy1212 Mon 16-Mar-15 11:58:09

I've got PCOS and I've been TTC for 30 months now but I started Metformin last month and I'm really confident about this cycle - trying not to get my hopes up though!

I have a friend with PCOS who is pregnant with #2 just now, both natural (as far as I know!) so there's definitely success stories to look at - just need to keep getting at it! :D

Purpleball Mon 16-Mar-15 12:15:18

I've had PCOS for 10 years and currently 12+4 with DC1 after going into metformin for type 2 diabetes.
No other advice to offer but hope you get your BFP soon smile

PontyGirl Mon 16-Mar-15 12:17:07

agnus castus worked really well for me (shortening cycles), I took it when I started a period and up to ovulation (as per my temps)

AbFab86 Mon 16-Mar-15 12:58:27

Lots of positive news then grin

With regard to losing weight, my BMI is (and has been for the last 10 years) just under 25 so considered normal. Do you think I need to get it lower (as in considerably lower than 25) or is anything in the normal range ok? I go to the gym a lot so have a lot of muscle but plenty fat too grin

Roxy1212 Mon 16-Mar-15 13:12:36

AdFab86 Anythung under 30 should be fine - too low and you'll have risks from being under! I think 20-25 is perfect

PontyGirl Mon 16-Mar-15 13:13:56

do you think you need to lose weight? it's just as much about being healthier (typically with pcos low GI foods) for example, in my pcos handbook (Google it, cant remember author) it talks about how sugar + pcos don't mix well and can aggravate symptoms

PontyGirl Mon 16-Mar-15 13:16:26

also - don't just assume its you. my gp wouldn't refer me for clomid (which I didn't end up needing) until my dh had a sperm count done. he was fine, but its about both of you so dh went on vitamins and got healthier with me too smile

PopcornPip Mon 16-Mar-15 13:24:00

Thanks OP and everyone else for subsequent replies. Good to know there are success stories out there!
I'm 32, TTC#1, cycle #2 (properly trying). Regular periods (and hopefully ovulating). Appointment with the docs in 2 weeks to discuss long term options if needed. I've told OH this is 'the' month. smile

kristine403 Mon 16-Mar-15 13:30:45

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Allstoppedup Mon 16-Mar-15 13:31:28

Diagnosed at 19 after I ruptured ovarian cyst.

No real outward signs apart from heavy, painful periods in my youth and then an absence/ very irregular periods. I was told due to ovary damage and lack of apparent ovulation I'd very likely need assistance to conceive.

I was very surprised (but overjoyed) to find myself pregnant with DS1 in 2013. I'd not had any periods that year and had no obvious signs of ovulation.

DS was 1 when we decided to try for number two. Still no periods and was still BF so expected it to take a long time but I'm currently 12 weeks with DC2. grin

I know everyone is different but hopefully that might give some people in similar circumstances a bit of hope.

AbFab86 Mon 16-Mar-15 16:07:56

Congrats Allstoppedup! That's great news smile

Popcorn I like the positivity! That's half the battle!

I've had type 1 diabetes since I was 6 so I've always had a pretty good diet. My BMs are better when I have a fairly low carb diet so I'm trying to stick to that, as always. It's not perfect though smile I'd eat nothing but celery if it meant a BFP though!

AbFab86 Mon 16-Mar-15 16:10:11

Ponty you're right about needing to get DH checked out too. I'm assuming it's me because I've never ever had a normal cycle, but it could be a mix of both. He's a very healthy man and has been religiously taking his Wellman vitamins so hopefully it's just one of us smile

PontyGirl Mon 16-Mar-15 18:14:43

abfab I'm sure he's fine! my gp is fab and doesn't see PCOS as a barrier to conception at all. She just doesn't look at it that way. she's always booked up because she's so fab!

PontyGirl Mon 16-Mar-15 18:16:14

congratulations all stopped up!

ive got everything in full force for this month - bought some more conceive plus (got preg when using it last time - could be a fluke but whatever!), a new thermometer and agnus castus! bring it on grin

Lilwelshyrs Mon 16-Mar-15 18:19:04

I have PCOS and started taking metformin in September. I lost a load of weight and am now down to a size 12 and feeling fab.
I also found out im 5 weeks pregnant!! We are so shocked. We've been trying for nearly 4 years and were about to start on our next step in the infertility process (I assume that was Clomid but we never got that far). Ive got a long way to go before we're in the safe zone but I'm so pleased. The metformin has been amazing smile

Good luck!

Rufus200 Mon 16-Mar-15 18:19:35

Anyone with PCOS who is trying to lose weight I can highly recommend Inositol! It has completely changed my metabolism!!! I take 1000mg twice a day. It changes your glucose metabolism and reverses the effect PCOS has!

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