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HyCoSy and increased fertility.....?

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Vap0 Wed 18-Feb-15 17:59:36


I'm booked in for a HyCoSy on 16th March, the lady who booked me in said that this scan can lead to increased fertility but couldn't tell me any more as she was not "a trained medical professional". Has anyone had a HyCoSy and had a bfp in the following 3 months? Any other info which may be helpful?

My history
Depo injection for 10 years
TTC since October 2013
OPK always negative

Thanks in advance

Metalhead Wed 18-Feb-15 18:11:55

My consultant said it might increase fertility for 2-3 months as any build up in your tubes (of what I'm not sure...) might be flushed out. Sadly it didn't work for me.

Vap0 Wed 18-Feb-15 18:22:47

Metalhead thanks for the reply.
Do you mind me asking where you are up to with things?
What did they suggest after the hycosy?
They told me after that they won't see me again for 3 months after.

Metalhead Thu 19-Feb-15 17:54:22

We've had all the tests we're going to get, hycosy was the last one. As we already have one DC it's either continue ttc naturally or pay for private IVF. I'd imagine you will be referred on for treatment on the NHS if this is your first.

iwantgin Thu 19-Feb-15 17:59:44

I had a hysterosalpingogram when I was having trouble conceiving. I think it must have given my tubes a good 'flush out' as I did become pregnant a couple of cycles after.

Is that the same procedure ?

ToesAndFingersCrossed Thu 19-Feb-15 18:08:45

There were a few people on mumsnet in the time I've been posting in the infertility boards (4years) who got pregnant within a few months of a HyCoSy or HSG. Didn't work for me unfortunately, but it turned out our infertility was male factor (SA was good, but they only looked into other issues when we actually started IVF.). Hope it works for you!

threepiecesuite Thu 19-Feb-15 18:12:27

It didn't work for me, but it did reveal a blocked tube which might explain why we've been ttc#2 for 2.5 years with no success. No other issues, ov is normal.
At my follow up, I was offered a IVF private referral but that was it. We've left it a while to save up/get our head round things but think we're going to go for it this year.

AWhistlingWoman Thu 19-Feb-15 18:13:22

Worked for me (or could equally just be a coincidence)

TTC no. 3 for 14 cycles
Fell pregnant with DC3 the cycle after the HyCoSy. Swear by them as took one cycle to conceive DC4 a couple of years afterwards grin

Good luck!

Vap0 Thu 19-Feb-15 22:30:08

Best of luck to you Metalhead! I hope you get your bfp soon.

Yes this is our 1st we are trying for.

Iwantgin I think they are similar tests by the sounds of it.

Thanks for the luck toesandfingerscrossed! Everything crossed here :-)

Threepiecesuite good luck to you too with your ttc.

Thanks for all your replies! I will update after my test smile

scienceteachergeek Thu 19-Feb-15 23:48:12

Make sure you take some pain killers beforehand. Mine was quite sore. The next thing for us is clomid as my tubes were fine and SA was normal. They wanted my tubes checking before they went ahead with clomid. Good luck x

Vap0 Thu 26-Mar-15 07:42:56

Update on my HyCoSy

I went in for my procedure on 16th March, on day 2 of af only to be told I couldn't have it done when af was visiting. Very frustrating as it said this nowehere in the letter and the docs never told me about this they just said day 1-10, luckily they managed to book me in for the following Monday 23rd march.

The procedure was nowhere near as bad as a lot of posts make it sound. It was really quick, just like a smear they put the speculum in (which is half of the procedure) and they inflate a balloon inside you (this bit did hurt like hell (30 seconds max) and I was jumping off the bed, the doc described it as period pain - I'm pleased I've never had period pain like that), they then squirt some kind of dye, queue massive pain for the 2nd time again lasting about 1 minute. He showed me a black screen with a tiny bit of white. I couldnt see anything on it but he seemed to know what he was looking at...
And it was all over.
From lying down in the bed to leaving it was all of about 10 minutes.
Best news was that he couldnt see any issues, all looked normal.

I asked about increased fertility, he said that they usd to think it was because they "flushed" the tubes out although they now know it is due to the damage they cause when they are in there and as the body fixes itself for some reason you are far more likely to concieve.

I told him I was not ovulating, he thought he could see a follicle on the scan and feels it will all be sorting itself out this month especially as I have had 2 x 30 day cycles in a row. He was very positive about everything which was great although I'm not convinced - ovulation tests at the ready for Saturday onwards... Trying my best to stay very positive though.

He was going to book me in for a repeat appointment in 4 weeks after I mentioned about my lack of ovulation although they weighed me and measured me and I'm over my bmi so he extended the appointment for 10 weeks. He said clomid is the next step we will take in my next appointment. He did say it was unlikely they would need to see me again because he is pretty sure this scan will sort me out. They don't do half inches at the hospital (5'4.5") so this means I need to be down to 12.4 instead of the 12.9 I had noted. Typically they would weigh me hours after arriving home from a work trip where we were eating and drinking lots. I asked if I managed to lose the weight (9.5lbs as of Tuesday morning) would I be able to book in sooner, he said, yes of course although I really don't think we will be seeing you again. The diet began on Monday, I've upped my daily Steps from 10,000 to 15,000 and have started a diet limiting my calories to about 1500 per day. I'm determined to get rid of this weight, diet still going strong and I'm starting day 4 of my diet today. Hoping to lose 3-4lbs this week. Probably not the best time in the world to be dieting but I am not convinced about anything happening with me not ovulating and I'm desperate to be put on clomid as I believe that can be a very long journey in itself.

P.S. there was no gushing fluid for me after the procedure that I have read about in lots of posts, just the normal jelly after a smear. I don't think they use much of this dye. I went straight back to work after it with minor twinges but nothing that has laid me up. I am a pretty tough nut though. Just incase anyone else reads this thinking it is sounds like a horror story it really isn't that bad at all. A few days on and I'm still spotting from the procedure (not af). I've had a few pains also, I'm hoping that the more damage they do when they are in there the better chances I have of conceiving which is what I tell myself when it hurts.

I hope this helps anyone else who is going in for this procedure as when I looked there were very few accounts, many of which sounded awful.

Fertile window starts saturday 28th mar - Thurs 2nd apr with af due 14th April. I'll update this thread in April. Fingers crossed ��

Vap0 Thu 26-Mar-15 07:50:13

Scienceteachergeek - have up you been given clomid yet? How is it going? How long after your hycosy did you have your appointment? Did they give you a suggested timescale for clomid working? Do you take it every day of the monthly just for a few days? Sorry for all the questions...

scienceteachergeek Thu 26-Mar-15 12:24:26

I waited around month for my next appointment as it was 10th March. I'll be taking it for 4 days at the start of each cycle. They don't give everyone the ovary monitoring scans but are giving them to me. They can only give clomid for 6months so they want me to have the best chance during that time so I've delayed my treatment by three months in order to lose weight. They said that having a lower BMI gives the body the best chance of it working, although they said I could still be given it regardless of my weight (BMI 39). They will start by giving me 50mg for 3 months, see if that causes ovulation, then up my dose to 100mg for the last 3months if not. They said that 50mg is more likely to work if you have a smaller body as the concentration of drug will be higher in my body if I'm smaller. Then that means that the lower concentration might work and therefore mean I get the full 6months worth of treatment, rather than the first three months of drugs being a waste of time. Hope that makes sense!

Vap0 Thu 26-Mar-15 13:09:05

Fingers crossed for you smile
Keep me updated with your progress (if you don't mind). It will be great to hear how you get on.
Good luck!!

Vap0 Thu 26-Mar-15 17:10:32

I've received my letter through for my next appointment for 22nd June which is a 13 week wait. If nothing happens in my next couple of cycles I think I'll be going privately. There is only so much waiting I can do.

scienceteachergeek Fri 12-Jun-15 20:53:00

Hi Vap0

Did you go privately in the end? My appointment is 16th June to start the clomid. Hope you're already pregnant! x

Vap0 Fri 12-Jun-15 21:23:07

2Hey science
Not pregnant I'm afraid sad 21st cycle and counting...
I managed to rearrange my appointment so it is the middle of next month (next cycle - 22)
I've been so mad busy with work and haven't had time to think about it all too much this month at least that's what I've been telling myself. Work won't ease off until August and so can't even think about anything else until then.
Mad that work takes over my life so much. Will be working pretty much all weekend even though "apparently" I have a Monday - Friday job.
Think the work stresses aren't helping either. Although I think all these people who just say "relax" and "you're worrying too much" and "chill out and it will happen"..... Well if relaxing and not being stressed is a factor then I will never become pregnant unless I quit my job. I don't believe the only pregnant people in this world are the "relaxed" type. And if they are then I'm f***ed!
How are you getting on?
Did you get your clomid in the end?
How are you getting on with your weight?
I'm down to 12.7 or a little lower depending on the morning but they want me to be 12.4 for clomid at the hospital. I am below my bmi of 30 already but for some reason they want me lower.
Hopinf things happen this month before we will need intervention.

Vap0 Fri 12-Jun-15 21:30:07

Sorry, I actually just read your appointment is on 16th!
Good luck to you grin
Hope I'll be joining you in July....

Mad that most people become pregnant in under 6 months but after that us "long timers" seem to take years but don't seem to get the help we need. At this rate I'll be 35 and without a child, and was hoping to have 2 in the end, not looking likely unless things happen pretty quickly now...

Wish you all the luck in the world with your clomid xxxx

scienceteachergeek Sat 04-Jul-15 14:27:07

Hi Vap0

I've read all your updates on other least you're ovulating. I wouldn't have thought they'd prescribe you that now as clomid is just for those who don't do it themselves.

I've purchased a clearblue advanced fertility monitor...really good little gadget as it lets me know what my hormones are doing. I'm now day 10 after taking clomid day 2-6 and my little gadget says high fertility' but just waiting for it to say 'peak' now. I had a follicle scan on day 7 to do a baseline test. Having another one on day 12 to see if the clomid has convinced my body to make a big enough follicle to get an egg out! Then I get one more to see if the follicle burst to release the egg.

Worst side effect I've had it that I've completely dried up!!! Sorry to be graphic but I'm just making nothing in the mucus department...not even getting wet for sex!!! Used the incredibly glamorous (not!) pre-seed which you have to inject up there 10mins before intercourse! Sex was pretty sore without it though.

So that's my update. You managed to get your appointment brought forward?


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