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Any assisted conception / ivf people about?

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Notmymuse Tue 17-Feb-15 17:20:07

I'm panicking. I don't know what to do.
We are going to Spain for embryo adoption this month. I've had a natural cycle and usually ovulate day 12 (Thursday) had a scan on Monday and the follicle was 17mm. They booked me in for another scan tomorrow. I still haven't got a positive opk.

However, flights are booking up. I'm limited as to when I come back because of work (haven't told them what I'm doing) and I don't know whether to book the flights. There's literally 3 spaces left on each flight.

We want to fly out on Friday and return next Wednesday evening.

These are the scenarios:

I go tomorrow and they say take the trigger shot tomorrow so I ovulate Friday morning and five day transfer takes place on Wednesday

I go tomorrow and they say I'm still not ready. I don't ovulate until Friday - in which case I wouldn't bother with the trigger (was only taking it to give us a couple of days to sort flights but actually don't need them, need to book flights now!) and transfer would still be Wednesday.

- I've already ovulated, which I wonder about as had pain on Monday afternoon and 17mm is apparently a large enough follicle to contain an egg, it would be early but it's Sod's law. In which case id have the transfer on Saturday.

In all the above cases we'd be fine.
However we will be screwed if I don't ovulate until Saturday or later. Or I don't ovulate at all. Which has never happened to my knowledge but given our general misfortune when it comes to conceiving it seems possible - someone up there really does not want me to have a baby.

Flights are £700.

What would you do? Risk waiting until tomorrow and then maybe no flights? Book and hope for the best?


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