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Stopping Microgynon to TTC in 3months...

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CookieKatie Mon 16-Feb-15 00:51:41

I am stopping Microgynon pill after 6 years, not planning on TTC April/May time.
Just wondering what other peoples experiences were like coming off Microgynon?
How long did it take to get back into a regular cycle?
How long it took to conceive?

So excited to start trying grin

MrsCorr Mon 16-Feb-15 07:55:52

I stopped this time last year after being on it for 10 years. Had a normal period on the 20th March & was pregnant by the end of April shock unfortunately this ended in an early miscarriage at 5 weeks but I then fell pregnant again 6 weeks later & I'm now 40 weeks & 3 days grin
I know for some people it takes a bit longer but be prepared for it to happen quickly as well.
Good luck, the trying is the best bit wink

Booboostoo Mon 16-Feb-15 08:48:45

A long time ago I stopped after 10 years and was pregnant within two weeks.

GotToBeInItToWinIt Mon 16-Feb-15 09:12:52

It took 6 months for my period to go back to normal and 12 months to conceive. Definitely the longer side of normal! I didn't go back on the pill between DC and conceived DC2 (currently 20 weeks pregnant) first try, on the one time we had sex in the whole month!

Fairylea Mon 16-Feb-15 09:15:58

It took me 18 months with dc 1 and 20 months ten years later with dc 2. When I came off the pill they found it had raised my prolactin levels to the point I had stopped ovulating so I had to see an endocrinologist to go on medication to bring the levels back to normal so I could conceive.

If your periods don't return regularly within the first few months definitely see your gp and ask them to check your prolactin levels.

Lookingforadvice123 Mon 16-Feb-15 09:51:25

I was on in microgynon (and for a short period rigevidon when they changed it!) for 9 years, stopped taking it in August as although DH and I aren't trying to TTC yet, I wanted to get my body back to normal. My periods returned regularly straight away but they're much shorter and lighter than they were before I went on the pill - only last 2/3 days where they used to last 6/7! So I don't even know if I've returned to normal 6 months on. I've noticed EWCM a couple of times but not every month...I would come of it ASAP and use a different method of you're not ready to TTC yet! Good luck.

Nevlet Mon 16-Feb-15 10:05:03

My experience came off late last year after 8 years. If yiu count start of withdrawal bleed as cd1 had a 32 day cycle then back to 28 after that! I think everyone is going to be different but hopefully it wont take you too long

mspfan Mon 16-Feb-15 10:13:23

I stopped taking it in October after about 15 years (came off it for a few months about 8 years ago). After withdrawal bleed I had a 28 day cycle, then a 42 day(!) cycle and conceived in January, which was a bit of a surprise! Bearing in mind when we dtd I think that my cycle must have gone back to about 28 days in January. Good luck!

MrsH14 Mon 16-Feb-15 14:14:05

I stopped in May of last year after 10 years and cycles ranged from 28-31 days up until about October and they are now 30 days. We started ttc in September and still haven't fallen. Good luck x

Inasimilarboat Mon 16-Feb-15 16:32:21

I came off it in March and still haven't got pregnant. My periods have been very very light, I've lost over 2 stone and found when I first stopping taking it I was very emotional.

CookieKatie Sat 21-Feb-15 19:01:46

thanks so much for your comments smile smile
I've been off for a week and already lost 4lbs and feel so much healthier and happier!
just being very careful till June when we are due to ttc

CookieKatie Wed 25-Nov-15 16:46:28

Just thought I'd update for anyone else who like me was looking for information on microgynon. We began ttc in November and fell pregnant in November!! grin

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