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How many days after ovulation did you get a BFP?

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Evizza Sun 15-Feb-15 14:00:18


I am 37 and ttc. I already have kids, my youngest is almost 10 but am hoping for 1 more. We haven't been actively trying for long, but I find it hard to calculate when to test as my periods have always been all over the place. Some months I have a 6 week cycle and others only 4.

I used a clear blue ovulation kit and got a solid smiley face on Friday 6th Feb, so when is realistic to test? I have been having mild cramps for the last couple of days and feeling nausea's as well as having some really vivid dreams about being preggers too. Not sure if these are positive signs or wishful thinking though??

My question is how many days after ovulation did you ladies get a bfp?

Thanks smile

MooleyWooleyShamaLamaDingDong Sun 15-Feb-15 14:24:27

Hi Evizza I got my BFP at 9dpo �� the exact same time as when I fell of with DD!!

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