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What happens next?

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Greaterthanthesumoftheparts Sat 14-Feb-15 17:30:22

After 12 months of ttc we've had one mmc and nothing else. My gynaecologist said that if we had no luck after a year of trying we should go back to him for further advice. So here we are, one year later.
What should we expect? I have no idea what happens next, can anyone advise what the next steps might be??

Fuzzyduck21 Tue 17-Feb-15 17:42:45

I went through something similar but i knew I was not ovulating. It was incredibly frustrating as the docs made me wait a year before referring me to the fertility department in the hospital.

I had a blood test done to check my hormones and confirm I wasn't ovulating. Then I was sent for a Hycosy to check my tubes and have a look at my ovaries. Tubes were all clear thankfully but the ovaries were enlarged with little cysts. Although this wasn't full blown PCOS it was a variant.

At my next fertility appointment I was finally prescribed provera to give me a period and then clomid.

I'm happy to say after the first round of clomid I am nearly 9 weeks pregnant smile

The whole process from referral to clomid prescription was around 4 months.

Good luck to you! smile

Me624 Tue 17-Feb-15 18:15:59

Hi op, I am at a similar stage to you having been ttc for just under a year with no nothing.

DH and I had our first appointment a few weeks ago. The doctor told us that as I am only just 28 my local trust's policy is we need to be ttc for 18 months before any real investigations will be started. However he did order a sperm test for DH and blood tests for me (a general one to check blood sugar levels etc and 21 day bloods to check if I have ovulated).

Dh's sperm test was fine and I have just had the results of my 21 day bloods (fine, show I have ovulated). My general blood test showed that I am very anaemic so I am now on iron supplements and have to be retested in a month or so.

As nothing abnormal has shown up in the tests (and the anaemia could well be what is causing the problem), we are to keep trying for another 6 months while my iron levels are monitored and go back if we still have no luck.

Best of luck with your first appointment.

Picklesauage Tue 17-Feb-15 18:25:53

I have been down this route a couple of times. Like PP said, you have to be trying 18 months in my area. However my GP gave us a 'programme' to try! She has known us for a loonnnggg time!

She said we had to have sex every other day that I didn't bleed and if possible 3 says in a row when ovulating. (I had temp tracked so I knew which day I ovulated). She also suggested a sperm friendly lubricant (we used preseed). This programme worked for us 3 times! I was told I could never get pregnant naturally, but this optimised our chances.

First time it took us 19 months to conceive. We had appointment to go see a Gyn lined up and everything.

Second time it took 14 months and ended in 11week miscarriage.

Third time it took 10 months. I am currently 21weeks pregnant.

I should say I have suggested this 'programme' to others TTC and they have had much faster success as they are much more normal (in fertility terms) than I am.

Please feel free to pm me if you want. No question too personal, we have had and done some extraordinary things TTC!

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