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HELP-could i be pregnant?

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enucs123 Fri 13-Feb-15 11:47:35

This is my first post blush
So DH and I have just started ttc. My last AF was 4 days late and arrived 2nd Feb. Leading up to AF I had bad cramping (very unusual for me) really bad headaches (unusual for me) and when AF came, she only lasted for 2 days (I have short periods anyway-usually 3 to 4 days). AF seemed normal colour wise etc, so I did not think it was inplantation bleeding.
This week my left boob has been soooo painful, on the sides and near the armpit, and I never ever get boob pain with AF or ovulation.
Has anyone else had similar symptoms? Where you pregnant? Could I be pregnant? I'm going to POS tomorrow morning I think.... confused would love to hear from you please

fizzycolagurlie Sat 14-Feb-15 03:43:02

Take a test

sizethree Sat 14-Feb-15 09:05:45

Have you tested this morn?
I'm the same every month driving myself mad with symptom spotting. But put bluntly, the only way to know is to pee on that stick.
Fingers crossed for you. Would be lovely Valentine's news.

enucs123 Mon 16-Feb-15 15:03:53

BFN sad

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