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Two days late BFN - argh!

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Pantelejmon Thu 12-Feb-15 14:41:58

God, I hate this - the absolute obsession that takes over when TTC. With DC1 I got a BFP the day before AF was due and at the moment I am getting BFN. The thing is I just don't feel 'right'. I am shattered and have been having the most vivid dreams that I got when pg last time.

Right, rant over. Back to waiting for AF. She'll probably rock up when I'm at work tomorrow and too busy to deal with her!

surferchic41212 Sat 14-Feb-15 14:26:35

Did you get your bfp? I'm currently cd32 ttc #2 and just had two days of bfn (with #1 got BFP easy).. And OPK says I'm peak! Sooo annoying! Now dtd frantically in case ovulation is super late.. Who knows?

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