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Angus Castus anyone??

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LiveLaughLove2015 Thu 12-Feb-15 14:02:10

Hello all!

Just wondering if anyone has tried Angus Castus to help regulate periods?

After coming off bcp in June my periods have been really irregular, initially starting out at around 28/29 days for the first few months but with each cycle since the length has been increasing.
I've been experiencing symptoms on and off for the last two weeks such as mild cramps and bloating as well as nausea and nipple tenderness. I was 40 days in my last cycle, so by the time I got to day 40 this cycle I was convinced I'd be getting a BFP when AF didn't arrive. I'm now on day 42 still no sign of AF and have had 2 negative tests sad Getting myself in a bit of a state worrying about what's going on with my stupid body!!

I read about this herbal remedy and the benefits for hormonal balance and wondered if any ladies out there could share their experience? I know the doctor will do nothing for me as it's not been a year ttc but just looking for something that will help for now.

FanSpamTastic Thu 12-Feb-15 14:25:40

I used it - had long cycles and after eventual tests advised that I was polycystic and probably not always ovulating.

I spent around 18 months regularly taking Angus castus - but also trying various other efforts to get my cycle more regular, eg losing weight, more exercise, not drinking, eating better, reflexology etc so I cannot say which ultimately worked. But the month I eventually fell pregnant with dd1 I was having blood tests done at intervals to check hormone levels and was told I was not ovulating. I asked the doctor if that meant I wasn't pregnant then as I had a positive pregnancy test and she said it just meant I wasn't ovulating according to the expected cycle.

So if your cycle is irregular try and have regular sex every 3 to 4 days throughout your cycle rather than only during the "most fertile window" as in the books as yours might be at an entirely different time.

Good luck - it is stressful which does not help either!

queenrollo Thu 12-Feb-15 14:40:31

It's actually very powerful and can have negative effects if not taken properly. I took it without direction when TTC my first as I had the same issues as you with my cycle. I realise now that it messed me up, but at the time I was oblivious.
With my 2nd I had problems again (long story short I ended up being diagnosed with an ovary issue and needing surgery) but I did see a medical herbalist who got my body working to a regular 33 day cycle. Herbalism works very well on the female reproductive system but I would strongly advise only doing so under the direction of a qualified medical herbalist.

You haven't given your age...but I waited a year with DC2 and then found out that as I was over 35 I could have gone after 6 months and pushed for investigations to start.

LiveLaughLove2015 Thu 12-Feb-15 14:45:36

Thanks FanSpamTastic - I have a healthy and active lifestyle so just hoping this can help if I give it a try. So pleased to hear that you fell pregnant. I know I've not been TTC for very long but the thought that there could be something wrong terrifies me. I tried to make sure I done everything right and was ready to bring a little baby into the world. I wish now I'd started trying much sooner. Before bcp my af was painful and heavy but at least it was always regular, now I've no control over it at all. Fingers crossed this will help!

VeronicaCaCa Thu 12-Feb-15 14:48:24

I took it after a 21 day long period in the months following a mc. I think I took it from cycle day 1 -14. Got pregnant the first month smile

Might have been coincidence but I would def use it again if I needed to but I'm not allowed anymore babies.

LiveLaughLove2015 Thu 12-Feb-15 14:52:58

Thanks for your advice queenrollo - I'm 30. I'm starting to convince myself that there may be an underlying issue that was masked by the pill. When I think back about how painful and heavy my period was at times I'm really worried to go back to that. My last AF was the most painful since coming off bcp in June. I know I need to see the doctor and just be insistent if they try to turn me away (which I know they will).

Do you believe then that the difficulties you experienced with your ovaries were due to taking the Agnus Cactus?

LiveLaughLove2015 Thu 12-Feb-15 14:59:18

Hi VeronicaCaCa - Sorry about your mc, glad to hear it was followed by happy times though. I've had a look through some reviews and think I'll give it a try for now to see if it makes any difference to my cycle.

queenrollo Thu 12-Feb-15 15:11:03

No I don't, but knowing more about my cycles and hormones second time round i know it messed me up.

If you have very heavy and painful periods have you ever thought about endometriosis? It can affect cycles and fertility.

It is one of the things I was diagnosed with, though i didn't have typical symptoms and mine was discovered and treated during the surgery for my other issue (which was that my left tube had fused to the ovary and caused something called a hydrosalpinx)

Initially I would suggest you ask your GP for a referal to your Gynae.

LiveLaughLove2015 Thu 12-Feb-15 16:07:13

This is what i've been thinking about queenrollo.

I had a bit of an emotional melt down to DH last night when I realised that endometriosis is a real possibility.

As I mentioned, before the pill my periods were regular but very painful and heavy and looking back I used to pass large clots at times. I had anemia and was prescribed tranexamic acid. The possibility of endometriosis was never investigated.

I went on the pill when I met DH and I wondered why I hadn't done it years before as it took away those terrible periods. Back then having children wasn't top of the to do list so I never looked any further into why my periods were so bad, just took advice of the doctors who advised that heavy painful periods were common and just what some women have to deal with. I'm going to see the GP tomorrow, just hope that they don't insist too much that I wait until I've been a year off the pill before they'll help me.

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