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Could I have some advice please? A TTC #2 post cerazette thread.

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originalusernamefail Wed 11-Feb-15 20:44:07

Hi, DH and I have just started trying for DC2 after fertility troubles with DC1 and treatment for a prolactinoma left me thinking I shouldn't mess about.

Anyway I took my last pill (cerazette) on Dec 29th and have DTD regularly since AND.................NOTHING
No BFP sad

That's six weeks now and I'm already tying myself in knots that it's going to be the same experience as trying for DC1, also all of my early pg symptoms are back such as, nausea (a little vomiting), painful bloating, tender boobs, vivid sexual (blush) dreams, and food aversions are back. I can't even tell if it's PMS as due to the above prolactinoma I have never had a "natural" period, only breakthrough from the pill.

Thanks for sticking with me this far. Any advice would be great fully received.

P.s been discharged from docs regarding prolactinoma last Sept although it is possible for these to recurr.

originalusernamefail Wed 11-Feb-15 20:48:17

*recur sorry about the fat fingers.

originalusernamefail Thu 12-Feb-15 14:19:28

A hopeful bump for a new crowd.

Number3cometome Fri 13-Feb-15 13:07:54


DS took over a year to conceive in 2002
DD took 4 further years to conceive.

Started on Cerazettle in 2007

Took my last pill with Cerazette in July 2014, had blood tests in September and October which showed no ovulation and levels of over 500 of prolactin.

I had my first period on the 10th of September and another exactly one month late (totally unlike me, having PCOS I usually ovulate late and have 35-60 day cycles)

I thought this is pretty wank news, no ovulation and high prolactin.

Felt shit in November, done a test, BFP!

Now 17+5

grin once that period arrives, chances are you fall quickly. Just takes a while to get started. If nothing in a couple of weeks, see your GP and ask for tablet to kickstart your periods.

originalusernamefail Fri 13-Feb-15 16:41:04

Thanks Number3, it's good to hear a good news story Dr Google is NOT very encouraging! Hope your pg is going well. It's the feeling pg but not being pg that's doing my head in, people have been asking as all my pregnancy "habits" are back, it's a little disappointment every time, I just hope it's a sign my hormones are starting to kick back in.

Number3cometome Fri 13-Feb-15 17:03:15

It defo plays tricks on you, but if you've had a BFN I'd ignorie the symptoms and get dtd, you never know when ovulation may kick in!

The reasons I had the blood tests done so early was because I consulted dr Google and shit myself when I read what it said about coming off cerazette. In truth, there are many people who conceive very quickly after coming off cerazette.

couldhavebeenme Fri 13-Feb-15 17:34:42

It took over 6 weeks for my period to come back after cerazette - now 30 weeks pregnant! Conceived after 3rd cycle. First time round very similar but conceived straight away. So I don't google too much!

originalusernamefail Fri 13-Feb-15 20:54:16

I hope I'm like you couldhave, I've put myself on DrGoogle lock down grin. I went in to this easy and breezy giving myself 12-18 months to conceive and enjoy the ride, and I'm a basket case after 6 weeks.

I think I will enjoy some extra time with my husband, love life has been a bit on the sad side since DS, and make an appointment with my GP if nothing's happened by the end of March.

thanks All

kezaroo Fri 13-Feb-15 20:59:57

I'd give it longer.... It can take up to a year before your cycles return to 'normal' after the pill. Some doctors may not even try to help until you reach ttc for 6-12 months.

I came off cerezatte end of August. Cycle came full swing in October after a few days of bleed since coming off (presumed withdrawal bleed?!). Now on cycle 6, af due in Monday.

The first two months were horrible! I had every pregnancy symptom going apart from morning sickness... And a baby! Put it this way, I'll never go back on cerezatte again.

My cycles were 26 days for two months hand have been 25 since - the only annoying thing is, I don't know if I am ovulating and don't want to get into this temping and opk malarkey yet.

Have told myself if we aren't successful after 12 months I'll go to dr's

originalusernamefail Fri 13-Feb-15 21:20:18

It's my previous problems that are driving me round the bend Kez. Ideally I would conceive a bit later in the year to allow me to put more aside for the baby / mat leave. I think you're right though - I need to relax grin

kezaroo Fri 13-Feb-15 21:27:26

Relaxing is definitely the best way (says she who can't stop thinking about it).

I've been a nightmare since starting ttc in honesty. Every twinge and sneeze is a symptom and by God the last few days of my cycle I am a nightmare for trying to talk myself into doing a test. I'm due on Monday and I know I have a first response test hidden from the husband in my bedside draw. The temptation to use it is umbearable but at the same time i just think it'll be a waste!

originalusernamefail Fri 13-Feb-15 21:37:40

Good luck for Monday. I'm trying not to test willy nilly as well. Even though I know it's the effects of the pill I can't help but think what if?? I won't be able to afford a baby if clearblue have all my money grin. I wish the pg symptoms would do one though, I've actually thrown up x2 today, it doesn't seem fair that my morning sickness is back but I won't get a baby at the end sad.

kezaroo Fri 13-Feb-15 21:50:10

No it's definitely not fair! Who on earth thought of allowing the pill to create pregnancy symptom when you stop taking it?! Hormones!

originalusernamefail Fri 13-Feb-15 21:52:39

Utter bastards that's who wink.

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