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Crazy bbt temps

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misspantomime Wed 11-Feb-15 10:30:59

Hello. I posted something similar yesterday but thought having my charts handy would help. I got the copper coil taken out last month (non hormonal so cycle would return to normal immediately, not like pill etc) and started temping. This is my first cycle where I've temped from the start. Last cycle I did temp during my period just to get used to it and temps were fairly high which seemed consistent with what I've read.

See my chart:

Not only are the temps insanely low (I have been checked out for a thyroid issue and been cleared but maybe I should go again) but they are crazy erratic! I thought I was ovulating as my CM was clear and watery (no egg whites but then I never get egg whites and I've been pregnant before) but my temps don't back that up at all. I checked my CM today and it is creamy and slightly sticky so that would seem I should have already ovulated. I have taken OPK tests and they have come back negative. I am really worried that I am not ovulating for some reason.

Any insight? I may well temp vaginally next cycle as I have read that can give you a less erratic reading. I think I might sleep with my mouth open too which would account for the low temps but not the fact that they're so erratic!

And yes, I temp at same time each day and after 3 hours solid sleep etc...

lemon101 Wed 11-Feb-15 10:41:51


I had the copper coil removed 4 months ago and although I don't temp I can tell you that the 'you should be fertile and back to normally instantly' thing doesn't hold for everyone. My sister was fine straight away for example, but my cycles started out really wackily long and only seemed to settle down after 3 goes. This is a pretty common issue.

Basically I wouldn't be surprised if your temps are a bit strange. I never noticed EWCM when I had the coil, but after my cycles calmed down I did. How many days into your cycle are you? Maybe you are going to ovulate later?

misspantomime Wed 11-Feb-15 11:14:52

Hello! I am at day 14 at the moment so yes I could still be yet to ovulate, it's just that my CM doesn't seem to be backing that up.

I had my period exactly as it was due 2 weeks after the copper coil was removed so I thought that was indicative of the fact that my cycles were normal. But maybe not - I think it is just a watching and waiting game.

lemon101 Wed 11-Feb-15 11:28:43

oooh yeah, day 14 - it could totally be coming. I usually go from zero CM to creamy to a bit weird cloudy CM to clear and then EWCM (in a matter of 4 days).

My guess is you're ramping up to the big O - keep watching!

misspantomime Wed 11-Feb-15 15:28:56

Thanks! Had twinges on my left side today so here's hoping that's O pain...

reni1 Wed 11-Feb-15 15:44:07

My temps were roughly like your before ovulation, went up a bit after ovulation of course. Mine were as low and as jumpy, ovulation was detected all the same, so these might be just fine.

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