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Can you ovulate on day 14 of a 23 day cycle?

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Distracted15 Tue 10-Feb-15 14:02:03

Hi I'm new here, I should be working but I can't concentrate on work as all I'm thinking about is ovulation, periods, babys and being impatient! Which I guess is also on a lot of other people's minds on this board!

I stopped taking Noriday around the 16th December after about 15 years of being on different contraceptive pills. I had no periods when I was taking Noriday.

My period started on the 26th December and was normal from what I remember from when I had regular ones! My next cycle was then 23 days long and again I had a normal period.

I started using the clear blue ovulation test kits and followed the instructions, I started testing as if my cycles were 23 days (even though I don't really know yet as I'd only had one full cycle) On day 14, I got the line to say that ovulation was iminent.

I then started with mild period type cramping on day 20, 21, 22 and 23. I also never used to get period pain that far in advance of having my period.

I took a pregnancy test this morning as I couldn't stand waiting any longer which came up negative but maybe it was too early to test anyway?

After I took the test I then thought I'd started my period (which would have made this cycle 23 days as well) as there was a hint of something when I went to the loo but it hasnt continued and it was very light brown in colour, not blood red which is what it is normally and normally when my period starts, it starts!!

I'm so confused!! Could the mild cramping have been implantation pains?.. or am I clutching at straws? I guess I just need to be patient and see what happens in the next few days!

If you read all of my ramblings, have a piece of cake You deserve it!! grin

stubbornstains Tue 10-Feb-15 14:05:17

Yes, you can ovulate on day 14 of a 23 day cycle. My luteal phases (time between ovulation- period) were sometimes 9 days, and now I'm 24 weeks pregnant!

It's possible for your cycles to be out of whack for up to a year after coming of the Pill, though.

Or, you know....maybe you're in luck...grin

Distracted15 Tue 10-Feb-15 14:15:36

ahh congrats!

Its just the mild cramping that has got me baffled and now not really a proper period! God Im so impatient! haha

sebsmummy1 Tue 10-Feb-15 14:18:48

I was going to agree that your cycles haven't decided what length they are going to be yet as you have only just come off the pill. They say allow three cycles for your cycles to normalise.

Distracted15 Fri 13-Feb-15 13:54:20

Well you were all right sad Period pains started with avengance again last night and has certainly arrived today.

Can't help thinking that it maybe did implant (which is what the mild cramping and spotting was about) but it wasn't meant to be this time?..

ho hum, guess we'll just try again this month, last cycle was 23 days, this one was 27, wonder what the next will be?!!

On the bright side, we've just bought a new (family size) house so at least I can have some bubbly to celebrate now! wine

stubbornstains Fri 13-Feb-15 18:11:39

Ah.....spotting can be caused by your progesterone being out of whack too. Which is to be expected for a while after you've come off the pill....Good luck with it all, and have a drink for me!

BabyBumpHopeful Sun 15-Feb-15 06:42:56

It's possible to ov that late in your cycle but, from my reading, the short luteal phase will make it pretty hard to get pregnant because it's not a lot of time for an egg to latch on.

Suggest you track your cycles, particularly ovulation, and look into lengthening your LP (there are some ways but I don't know enough about it).

zippyswife Sun 15-Feb-15 18:52:51

stubborn congrats on your pregnancy. Can I ask how long you were Ttc before you got pregnant? I am concerned that I have a similar short luteal phase.

distracted I think I ovulate late in my short cycle too. I think this has always been the case for me and I have 2 dcs already so I'm not sure how the short luteal phase impacts. As pps have said your periods may just take some time to settle down. Good luck.

stubbornstains Sun 15-Feb-15 19:36:50

It was 9 months zippy. But.....I am 40 (39 when we started trying). Previously to that I had always been embarrassingly fertile blush. I've always had a 26 day cycle pretty much, but only started charting when TTC this time. Soooo....have I always had a fairly short luteal phase, and is it not quite so much of a problem as people think, or did I ovulate earlier as a young'un?

For anybody pondering questions of this nature, and considering charting their cycles, I'd recommend the book "Taking Charge of your Fertility". There's also a linked website: , with lots of forums that are perfect for cycle obsessives smile.

zippyswife Sun 15-Feb-15 20:35:08

Thanks stubborn. I'll look at that.

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