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Best time to ttc after miscarriage

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Cinnamon84 Sun 08-Feb-15 10:26:12

Hello, not sure if I'm putting this on the right board.

I had my first pregnancy which sadly ended in miscarriage which looks like it is finally coming to an end and will hopefully get a bfn when I test in a couple of weeks.
I'm really keen to try again as it's made me realise how much I really want children, but we have a holiday coming up at the beginning of May with 2 long haul flights and 6 internal flights. The doctor says we can try again even before my period starts and says there are definitely benefits to trying again soon after miscarriage as there is an increase in fertility, and just to make sure I wear circulation socks on flights and get health insurance. However I'm so nervous in case something happens again...dp really wants us to wait til after holiday and I'm in 2 minds on whether to treat this as recovery time and enjoy eating and alcohol, or whether we should take advantage of this extra fertile window.
I came off the pill end of nov and looks like we conceived mid dec so I'm hoping to conceive soon after trying, though I'm not sure if it just happened by chance the first time.

Does anyone have any advice, or similar experiences? Would I be making a mistake to wait a few months?

sizethree Sun 08-Feb-15 20:07:11

Hi, I'm so sorry for your loss. A miscarriage is one of the most awful experiences in life, so sorry youve experienced it.
From a practical point of view, if you fall pregnant inbetween the miscarriage and before your period, it will be harder to date your pregnancy. This doesn't need to be a problem but after a miscarriage it's natural to feel a bit nervous about the next pregnancy, so just thought I'd mention it as it may add to anxiety.
The most important thing is that you look after yourself physically and emotionally and give yourself enough time to recover and feel ready before trying again.
Don't panic about fertility after miscarriage or feel pressure to try again too soon. There's little evidence to support the extra fertility claim, but it is comforting to think that way. Every woman is different and you need to make the right choice for you.
Usually a miscarriage is a one off experience, so you have the same chance of having a next sucessful pregnancy as any other first timer. Don't let worry take over. But be gentle on yourself.

Trinpy Sun 08-Feb-15 20:20:21

Sorry to hear about your mc thanks.

I conceived again 4 weeks after my mc but I had been ttc for some time, had fertility issues and really struggled with losing the first baby, even though it was a very early loss - so it was a huge relief for me to be pregnant again so quickly.

In your case, you conceived so quickly theres no reason to think you won't get pregnant again easily so I don't see any point in rushing it to catch an extra fertile time when you are clearly already very fertile!

Enjoy your wine!

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