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Ttc after ectopic with one ovary and 1 tube

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Charl987 Sat 07-Feb-15 09:29:20

Ok, I had surgery on2nd jan for an ectopic preg, my right tube and ovary were removed. We want to ttc as soon as possible realy, but I Havant had first AF yet, it's been five weeks so am wondering if something's wrong? Has anyone else also had a tube&ovary removed and successfully conceived?how long did you wait before ttc? Will the one ovary affect my fertility? Thanks in advance xx

addictedtosugar Sat 07-Feb-15 19:07:36


I'm sorry to hear about your EP.
I've had a tube removed, but still have 2 ovaries. Both my kids we conceived after my EP without problems (2 months TTC each).
One tube only slightly reduces you chance of conceiving in any one cycle. I think that the remaining ovary will compensate for the missing one, and you are likely to produce an egg every month.

I can't remember when AF returned, but I think upto 2 months is normal - your HCG needs to drop before your cycle restarts.

Have you found the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust chat forums? They were a life line to me, and full of accurate information.

thanks Take it easy on yourself.

JeanetteDanielsBenziger Sat 07-Feb-15 19:22:35

I was in the exact same position 7 years ago.

AF returned around 6 or 7 weeks after the op, It was a really bad one so be prepared for the possibility of that.

Took 1 year to conceive DC1, and 1 month to conceive DC2.

Rosieliveson Sun 08-Feb-15 22:56:33

Hi, I was just thinking about starting a very similar thread. I also had an ep last year. My left tube was removed but not my ovary. My period returned 6 weeks later. If your tube was removed you should have no hcg almost immediately but it can take a while for things to restart. Do you have an 8 week post surgical appointment? I did and found if very useful as I could discuss the things I was too upset to think at the time I lost the pregnancy.
I am now hoping to conceive again. We already have 1 DC but are very keen to have another. I'd also be interested in hearing any success stories to keep my chin up!

Charl987 Tue 10-Feb-15 06:15:29

Thanks for your replies ladies, I'm sorry that you also have been through this horrible experience. I don't have an 8 week post op app, once I left hospital that was it, no further info given. I took it upon myself to go to see my gp, it was he who told me that my ovary had also been removed, so I have just made a complaint to PALS for my hospital. In think Af is trying to start ATM (tmi lol) but it's a very faint pinky/brown colour so not sure.i also have an app at the funeral directors this morning to sign somthing ready for the burial of little one so feeling abit crappy today xx

Wharm14 Tue 10-Feb-15 13:26:57

Sorry to hear about what happened Charl987, I also had a ectopic pregnancy last September and had my right tube removed. My AF arrived about 6 weeks later and has been regular ever since. I also didn't have an 8 week check up but took myself off to my GP, who wasn't really much use to be honest. I haven't really felt mentally ready to start trying again before now, only just starting to think about it now. It's been an emotional ride so far, was in shock for a few weeks until it sunk in what had happened, been very up and down since then.
I agree with addicted, the EPT website was a life saver in the first few weeks, loads of info and forums for support if you would like it.
Wishing you all the best as you start trying again, I'll be interested to hear other people's experiences too. flowers

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