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Saliva Microscope - So Excited! Anyone else using?

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ThePug Fri 06-Feb-15 11:40:25

I've just used my saliva microscope and it is showing the ferning pattern! I'm on CD12 of first cycle TTC having stopped taking the pill on 22nd Jan. Have been using the microscope since CD4 just seeing random blobs and then today, BAM, there are loads of fern patterns on it!

I'm so ridiculously excited that my body may be doing what it is supposed to, when it is supposed to. The prediction on my Fertility Friend app is that today until Monday should be my fertile period, so I'm gobsmacked.

Might try and take my first ever OPK later too to see if it tallies up. Haven't got EWCM yet but CM has definitely gone from sticky to creamy in last day.

Is anyone else using a saliva microscope?

chasingtherainbow Fri 06-Feb-15 16:26:29

I can't believe I'm saying this. But please explain! ill try anything

ThePug Fri 06-Feb-15 17:19:55

I have one of these

I thought it'd be a lot cheaper to use than OPKs for the first few months of TTC when I have no idea of what my cycle will be like.

You put a blob of saliva on the lens, let it dry then look at it through the microscope bit. Most of the time there are just random blobs but when you have an oestrogen surge, your saliva changes and when it dries it crystallises into a pattern that looks like ferns (lots of little lines, rather than blobs).

There's a video about it here

This is my first month TTC and I've only been using it for about 8 days. Saw random blobs everyday and then this morning it was such a surprise to see something different, and exactly like the pictures here

I'm surprised they're not more popular tbh - seems a lot easier and waaaaaay cheaper than OPKs, meaning you can test as many times as you like without feeling you're wasting a test/money!

ThePug Fri 06-Feb-15 17:24:19

Ooh I can attach pictures. Not very easy to take a picture down the microscope eye-bit when there is a green light shining at the camera, but here is a picture I took on first day using it (CD4) and today (CD12)

chasingtherainbow Fri 06-Feb-15 17:51:24

This is totally appealing to the geek in me!

Maowmins Wed 13-Jun-18 10:24:00

Hi Everyone. There doesn't seem to be alot of threads about ferning but then i came across this smile i'm kind of new to the site. I am also new at using saliva for ovulation as opks don't work for me and we are ttc our 1st child. I am a bit confused though and wondered if anyone here can help. On the 6th i had ferning and then lots of pebbles up until the 12th when i had strong ferning but im not sure if it is full ferning? And when i actually ovulated? Today it was mostly pebbles with a tiny bit of ferning.

Dickybow321 Wed 13-Jun-18 18:52:55

Hi there! I'm not actually sure so ive decided to try using opks and temping as well for a few months to see if they agree. I got just one day of ferning this month but I thought you were meant to get a few days of mixed patterns as well.

Dickybow321 Wed 13-Jun-18 18:55:42

I used a saliva microscope successfully to conceive dc2, so I think it does work! Just confused why I had just one random day of ferning and then nothing. I can't rmbr what the patterns were like when I was ttc last because it was years ago.

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